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Bird Control

At Falcon Environmental Services we specialise in Bird Control across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. From our Plymouth base we operate our bird control services across the surrounding counties, helping people to get rid of unwanted birds that have nested on or near their properties and eradicate the problems that they bring.

As well as the noise and potential damage to the property, these nuisance birds can often swoop down and make themselves known to unsuspecting passers-by enjoying their lunch! Seagulls and pigeons also carry a whole host of diseases that you would rather not encounter.

There are a number of ways in which we can resolve the problem of nuisance birds but the primary task is to unsettle the unwanted guests and encourage them to move on. We are licensed to carry out our bird control services which include:


Hawking is a popular method of getting rid of nuisance birds across the counties of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. They are used to fly over the nesting site and send out a warning to seagulls and pigeons that this is a falcon’s territory. The objective is to make the nuisance birds feel uneasy, encouraging them to move on to a new home. Whether it be in the city centres of Plymouth, Exeter or Truro to the coastal regions of Devon and Cornwall our hawking service is carried out by licensed professionals.

hawking south west

One of our Harris Hawks with our Director, Matt. Hawks act as a deterrent to nuisance birds

Bird Netting

Bird Netting is a safe and harmless way to deter birds from the roofs of properties, ledges that are suitable for perching or loading areas. The nets are impenetrable to all kinds of nuisance birds looking to make their nest and roost on your property. We offer bird netting services across the South West in popular bird nesting areas like Plymouth, Exeter, Truro and other Devon and Cornwall towns and cities as well as popular coastal areas.

bird netting plymouth

Bird netting prevents access to the nuisance birds

Bird Spiking

If you have a severe infestation of birds at your South West home or business then bird spikes offer an excellent deterrent to all types of birds including seagulls and pigeons. The spikes are either stainless steel or plastic and prevent the birds from landing and perching or nesting on the treated area. At Falcon Environmental Bird Control Services we are fully licensed to offer all bird control services across Plymouth and the surrounding counties.

bird spiking plymouth

Bird spiking to deter nuisance birds from nesting

Bird Scarers

Bird scaring is a clever concept that involves the use of noises designed to unsettle nuisance birds, encouraging them to move on. The sounds emitted are often those associated with prey or sounds that will distress the birds. This technique is often used to remove birds from night roosts or seagulls on mass.
If you have a problem with nuisance birds and would like to find out more about how we can help please give us a call or get in touch by email.



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Lovely service, the two men were very efficient & friendly, did an amazing job on my carpets, will see them again in 6 months xx

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