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Bird Netting

Nuisance birds are a very real problem across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset from the city centres like Plymouth, Exeter and Truro to the coastal towns across the South West. An effective way to prevent nuisance birds taking a liking to your property is netting. Bird netting is carried out by licensed professionals and is installed to prevent birds like seagulls and pigeons making their nest and laying their eggs on your property.

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Bird netting prevents access to the nuisance birds

Nuisance birds will nest on your Devon, Cornwall or Somerset property if it is inviting

Popular areas with nuisance birds are the flat areas where they can comfortably roost in relative peace. Rooftops, windowsills, ledges and chimneys are particular hotspots and netting is specifically designed to protect these areas. Unlike spiking which makes the area inhospitable, bird netting is a sturdy mesh that is placed in the most likely nesting areas to prevent access by unwanted visitors. In order for your property to be adequately protected though you are best advised to put your trust in an expert. Bird netting services across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset should only be carried out by licensed professionals, those who are experienced to install the equipment and that have passed the necessary licensing requirements.

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You may not think that you are at risk of nuisance birds or it may not even occur to you that you may encounter this problem but if you can see nuisance birds around then it is only a matter of time before they are moved on from one property and looking for another home. With the possible diseases that these type of birds carry, along with the fact that they cause damage to your property (often damage that is unseen), then you really need to be sure that you are protected.

If you would like to discuss bird netting, bird spiking or other bird control services then we would be only too happy to have a chat with you to review the best plan of action to protect your property.

bird netting plymouth


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