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Bird Scaring

Bird Scaring is an effective method of getting rid of unwanted, nesting birds. Often used in conjunction with other services, it is an effective way to make a bird feel unsettled. The emission of a regular sound of a predator or other unsettling noise can make the bird feel threatened enough to leave and find somewhere else to roost. In addition to our other effective bird control services, at Falcon Environmental Services, we also offer bird scaring techniques. Our work is carried out across the towns and cities of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset in areas like Plymouth, Exeter and Truro as well as the many other towns and villages where nuisance birds like seagulls and pigeons are a common problem.

bird control exeter

Bird scaring is useful for removing large flocks of birds

Far too often people buy cheap plastic devices that emit owl sounds or other predator noises that aren’t effective and don’t provide an ongoing solution. The equipment that we use is much more effective and used effectively, along with other deterrents like our  hawks, can soon unsettle even the most comfortable of guests.

Bird scaring across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset is an effective part of our bird control services

Nuisance birds are very resilient and it requires more than trying to shoo away a flock of pigeons or gulls. Our bird control services are designed to offer the complete package which, when used together, can soon rid you and your business or birds that can be causing untold damage to your property as well as being a general nuisance.

nuisance birds plymouth

Seagulls are noisy, aggressive and can cause damage to property

If you have a nuisance bird problem, however large or small, that is affecting your home or business then get in touch with us. We are licensed in bird control services and offer a number of solutions that are both effective and humane. We cover the counties of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset from our Plymouth base and will be able to advise you on the most effective solution to your bird problem.