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Bird Spiking

Bird Spiking is an effective way to prevent nuisance birds nesting on the properties of areas like Plymouth, Exeter, Truro or other towns and coastal areas across the counties of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Popular areas for nesting birds like pigeons, seagulls, starlings and sparrows are the roofs, ledges, windowsills and chimneys of buildings. If the spikes are placed effectively in the right areas then the birds won’t be able to land and roost there. The area becomes inhospitable and the birds will look for somewhere else.

bird spiking plymouth

Bird spiking to deter nuisance birds from nesting

If you don’t have a bird problem currently but neighbouring buildings do then it may be worth looking into bird spiking for those areas where they may be tempted to move to if moved on from an area that has already been treated.

Bird spiking services carried out across Plymouth, Exeter, Truro and surrounding areas

The team at Falcon Environmental Services offer bird spiking services to businesses and domestic properties across the areas of Plymouth, Truro, Exeter and the towns and coastal areas of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. They are experienced and, more importantly, licensed to carry out these bird control services and will do so with the utmost professionalism using their extensive knowledge and expertise. We can advise on areas that are likely to be potentially welcoming to pigeons, seagulls and other nuisance birds and carry out the work effectively and efficiently.

bird spiking exeter

Bird spiking is carried out on rooftops, windowsills, ledges and other areas that nuisance birds like to roost

We urge you, if you think you may have a nuisance bird problem, to get it dealt with right away by licensed professionals that are trained to deal with this type of equipment. The damage that nuisance birds can cause to your property can be extensive, not to mention the public health threat and the health and safety risks as these birds can often carry diseases.

For more information about our bird control services please get in touch with the team and we will only be too happy to help.

bird spiking plymouth


Lovely service, the two men were very efficient & friendly, did an amazing job on my carpets, will see them again in 6 months xx

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