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Are Plymouth Seagulls and Pigeons causing a problem?


Unfortunately, in many areas, seagulls and pigeons are becoming increasingly problematic and more people are looking to find a solution to the problem. This is particularly true when it comes to Plymouth. As a coastal area with a high population and a busy city centre, the area is a prime target for both gulls and pigeons. From the people eating their ice cream and chips on the Hoe to those enjoying a snack in the City Centre, there is plenty of reason for these nuisance pests to stick around! Whilst some Plymouth businesses and property owners try and tackle the problem themselves unfortunately sometimes the only thing you can do is trust in the experts. If you are experiencing a bird problem at your Plymouth property or commercial premises then there are a number of solutions.


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Seagulls can be aggressive and cause damage to property

Plymouth bird control services

From ridding you of the nuisance birds to preventing them nesting and roosting on your Plymouth property the various techniques include:

Hawking – using a falcon or hawk to fly over the area to warn the seagulls or pigeons that this is their territory.

Bird Netting – using mesh and nets to protect the area and prevent seagulls and pigeons landing and setting up home.

Bird Spiking – if you take a look at the spikes it is easy to see why you might not want to nest here if you are a bird looking for somewhere comfortable to make your home!


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Bird spiking an effective method of preventing seagulls and pigeons nesting


Bird scaring – this technique involves the use of noises that unsettle the birds. It works particularly well with large flocks but is often not enough to rid the birds as a single technique. Often it is used as part of a variety of methods to move the gulls and pigeons on.

Rid your Plymouth property of seagulls and pigeons now

Don’t rely on the problem going away on its own or think that as there are only a couple of birds it’s not going to be a problem – they lay eggs, the eggs hatch and then you have a bigger problem.

For more advice on how to get rid of seagulls, pigeons and other nuisance birds at your Plymouth property give us a call us now on 01752 929292 and let us help.



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Lovely service, the two men were very efficient & friendly, did an amazing job on my carpets, will see them again in 6 months xx

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