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Ants and Ant nests

Whilst ants are fascinating creatures, that are much more intelligent and strong than they are given credit for, you don’t want them marching through your house looking for food. Ants don’t cause as much as an issue as they do in sunnier climates but during the summer you will see more of them here in the counties of Devon and Cornwall. Unfortunately you usually see them near a source of food and you don’t want to see is them in your Plymouth kitchen!

You don’t want ants crawling through your Plymouth kitchen

Unlike rats and mice and other pests like nuisance birds, ants aren’t known to carry diseases. They do however forage around in the undergrowth so you don’t really want them crawling across the worktops of your Devon or Cornwall kitchen and getting into your food cupboards, especially when you don’t where they have been.

Ants will head for a source of food

Essentially ants are always looking for food so they will head for the food sources. You can usually spot the source of the ants and seal off the area to stop other ants coming in. If a group of ants find food they will usually travel back to the colony to let them know and then the whole colony can find its way into your home.

If the ants are persistent and manage to break through your barrier or find another source of entry then you need to call in the experts. We will come to your home and locate the source of the ants then put down something that the ants will take back to the nests to destroy the colony. The products that we use are environmentally friendly and are safe to use around dogs and children.

If you have an ant problem at your Plymouth home that you would like dealt with quickly and effectively please call us on 01752 929292.


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