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If you suspect you have a pest infestation in your home or commercial premises call in Plymouth pest control experts as soon as possible. Get the problem dealt with before it gets any worse. Pests like rodents and insects can not only cause damage to your Devon and Cornwall property, they can also be a health hazard. Rats carry a number of diseases whilst insects like wasps can deliver a nasty sting and in the case of allergies can cause even more problems. Other pests may include birds like seagulls or pigeons, another disease carrier that can cause property damage. Some other infestations that may not be as easy to spot like bed bugs. You may know you have them but you can’t actually see them.

Call in the pest control experts

If your pest problem is out of sight or it may not be noticeable enough to consider it a problem. If you suspect that you may have unwanted guests in your Devon or Cornwall property then it is wise to call in the experts to get it checked out. You may just have an isolated incident with one mouse or rat but the potential for them to breed is high so you need to eradicate them before they get the chance. If you think you may have a problem with any of the following then you should seek professional advice immediately:

Pests can cause property damage and are a hazard to health

Rats and mice may live out of sight but if they decide to wander into the house they can spread diseases through their droppings and urine. This can be spread to surfaces where food is prepared. In addition to this they can chew through wood, wires, pipes and cause damage to the property which is often unseen.

Wasps can deliver a nasty sting that can be dangerous especially to those that are allergic to wasp stings. They like to build their nests in areas like loft/roof spaces, sheds, air bricks or even hedges or trees. If you have a wasps nest you need to get rid of it. It may not bother you now but when the wasps run out of food they will become a nuisance.

Bed bugs, ants, fleas and cockroaches are all pests that you really don’t want to be setting up residence in your home. If you suspect that you may have an infestation of any of these creepy crawlies then it is advisable to call in pest control experts to remove them immediately.

At Falcon Environmental Services we are qualified and trained to get rid of your pest problems and prevent them returning. If you suspect you may have a pest problem that you need help with then give us a call to discuss. We will be only too happy to help.


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Lovely service, the two men were very efficient & friendly, did an amazing job on my carpets, will see them again in 6 months xx

Natalie Hughes
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