Bird Control Laser Technology

At Falcon, we consider ourselves to be experts in the field of bird control. Over the years we have evolved and been able to offer the latest and most effective methods of protecting homes and businesses across Plymouth, the South West and the UK. We strive to be able to offer our customers the most relevant solutions for all of their bird control needs which is why we are delighted to be able to offer a new method of bird control to keep unwanted birds away from commercial buildings. Using bird control laser technology, this new artificial enemy uses the principles of nature to deter nuisance birds.

The laser beam deters the birds from landing on your premises, activating their survival instinct and causing the birds to fly away and reducing the presence of nuisance birds by over 70%. The process is quick, efficient and without fuss.

How Does Bird Control Laser Technology Work?

Compared to traditional bird control methods, bird control laser technology has many advantages including the fact it is silent, long range, works on a number of species and is both environmentally and animal friendly. It can be used indoors and outside with both portable and static systems available.

Protect Commercial and Industrial Assets

Industrial sites, factories, landfill… they are all a magnet for birds such as seagulls and pigeons which seek out a nesting space that is both safe and offers potential food. Their nests can cause fire hazards, clog up roof gutters, spread disease and their droppings can cause damage to buildings and equipment.

Optimise Solar Panel Efficiency

Great for the commercial solar power sector, bird laser technology can help you improve solar payback times by removing the issue of bird droppings. It may surprise you to know that a build-up of dirt and debris will block all sun light and increase solar cell payback time from between 3-5 years.


Consumption of seed, trampling of crops, bird droppings – starlings and pigeons can be a real nuisance to the farmer. These fields often attract huge flocks of birds and can cost the agricultural industry millions of pounds in lost crops and animal feed. With bird laser control, you can reduce the losses caused by nuisance birds.


Fields adjacent to runways are a haven for birds. There is little human presence making them ideal for nesting birds to breed and find food. While that isn’t so much the problem, it certainly is when bird meets aircraft and can be a real nightmare for aircraft causing damage, leading to downtime and putting crew and passengers at risk. It is imperative to ensure that birds are kept away from runways. Laser technology provides the ideal solution to this problem.

And There’s More

As well as those industries mentioned above, birds are also an issue for other sectors across the UK

The list goes on. if you have an issue with nuisance birds and are looking for effective bird control then bird control laser technology could be just what you are seeking. At Falcon, we have access to the latest technology and are happy to discuss your requirements. Simply get in touch with us on 01752 929292





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