Bird Dropping Removal Service

Bird droppings, or to use their proper name ‘guano’, are a problem for a number of reasons. Not only do they cause damage to buildings and décor, they also pose a threat to health too. They can clog up ventilation systems, stop solar panels working at their full capacity and, due to their acidity, can erode paint and other surfaces! A bird dropping removal service, is often the best option to ensure that it is removed, safely and effectively.

Threat to Health

Let’s look at the health risk to humans first of all. For businesses, this can mean, you your staff, visitors and customers. You may wonder how it can be a health hazard if you don’t touch the mess, or if the mess is in areas that you can’t see, but it’s actually the dried bird droppings that do the damage. Once dry the bacteria or fungus in the droppings can be inhaled and cause diseases.

Imagine if the mess is clogging up your ventilation system and the potential damage that this could do. The types of disease that be transmitted through the droppings of pigeons, seagulls and sparrows include:

There are a total of 60 diseases that can be found in bird poop. You can see therefore, why it is important to get rid of it and to carry out effective bird proofing of your business to stop them nesting in the first place.

Damage to Décor

Paint work, concrete facades and other surfaces can be eroded if you don’t invest in effective bird dropping removal. While the birds are nesting on your property, they are excreting their mess. While you can keep cleaning it off the only effective way to reduce it’s presence is to get rid of the birds.

It’s not just your property you have to consider but that of your neighbours. If your building has a car park below, the cars can get covered in bird excrement which can cause damage to the paint work. If they are nesting on your property, it is likely that they are messing on neighbouring properties too.

Effective Bird Dropping Removal Service

Nesting birds will find a home on ledges, balconies, roofs, solar panels and other hard to reach places. Cleaning these areas can be tricky which is why you need a professional bird removal service. Ventilation systems, air ducting and hard to access areas need to be thoroughly cleaned using something that will not only remove the hardened build-up of mess but also disinfect the areas to get rid of all the potential bacteria and fungus.

At Falcon, as well as our bird proofing services, we also offer a very thorough, professional bird dropping removal service designed to leave your premises clean and disease free. To discuss your requirements, we recommend getting in touch on 01752 929292 for our professional opinion and advice.



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