BirdAlert® Bird Scaring

Bird Scaring is an effective method of getting rid of unwanted, nesting birds. Often used in conjunction with other services, it is a technique used to make a bird feel unsettled. The emission of a regular sound of a predator can make a bird feel threatened. Generally, if successful bird scaring tactics are employed, these nuisance birds will leave the site and find somewhere else to roost. Working alongside our other bird control and bird proofing methods, our Plymouth bird scaring service is an effective tactic in the fight to rid domestic and commercial premises of unwanted guests such as seagulls and pigeons. We are particularly proud to be able to offer BirdAlert®, bird detection and scaring device that has been specifically designed to recognise and scare off nuisance birds. Bird Alert detects and immediately reacts to certain problem birds, scaring them off with species-specific scare programs that are designed to avoid familiarity.

Effective Plymouth Bird Scaring Techniques

Far too often people buy cheap “DIY” bird scaring plastic devices that emit owl sounds or other predator noises that aren’t effective and don’t provide an ongoing solution. The equipment that we use is much more effective and used effectively, along with other deterrents like our  hawks, can soon unsettle even the most comfortable of guests.

Nuisance birds are very resilient and can require more than just trying to shoo them away. They are also not stupid, in fact, pigeons are thought to be an intelligent bird. They can soon uncover a false threat. That is why our bird control services, including our Plymouth bird scaring techniques, are designed to offer the complete package which, when used together, can soon rid you and your business or birds that can be causing untold damage to your property as well as being a general nuisance. Using the latest technology, and undertaking regular training in these technologies, our team know exactly how to deal with problem birds.

Introducing BirdAlert®

At Falcon, we are delighted to be able to offer BirdAlert®, an innovative bird scaring and detection service specifically designed to recognise and scare off nuisance birds. Bird Alert detects and immediately reacts to certain problem birds, scaring them off with programmes that are species specific.

The problem with more traditional scare tools, is that they can be weakened by familiarity and habituation. It’s the same when flying birds of prey over an area to scare off nuisance birds. If the birds are flown at the same time every day, the problem birds soon get used to the familiar sight and no when to make themselves scarce and when they need to worry. This is why when we fly our hawks, we so at various times of the day. This way there is more chance of our efforts being successful.

Traditional Scare Tools Cause Habituation

Traditional scaring tools are set to go off on timers which within a week or two lose their effectiveness which means they have to be continually moved to have any impact. It is for this very reason that BirdAlert® has been developed to meet this challenge and can variegate the order and intensity of the actions so that familiarity of the noises can be avoided entirely!

bird scaring bird alert

Bird Alert is effective against gulls, geese, starlings and rooks amongst other species.


How Does Bird Alert Work?

The BirdAlert® device is placed and then monitored through an online portal. It has a detection range of up to 250 metres radius. Being equipped with 5 sockets means that customers can connect various scare tools – speakers, gas cannon, kite controller, eagle eye and scareman. Each of these tools designed to work with different species of bird. It is sealed and should never be opened to avoid damage or impact towarranty/insurance.

When Bird Alert detects one of the species it is set to “guard” against, it immediately launches a scare programme aimed at precisely that species. The programme will variegate the order in which the connected scaretools are activated, with the aim of posing a predator threat to its subjects. 

There is also an online portal which means you can monitor the effectiveness of the system. You can check how many times the decoy has been activated and which species it has scared. There are no complicated processes to follow – just set up and go.

BirdAlert® Plymouth bird scaring

Birds that Bird Alert is Effective Against

Of course, the main culprits for causing damage to property and making a nuisance of themselves are gulls and starlings, the latter descending in large flocks. The yellow brain is also effective against geese that like to eat crops and rooks that gather in large numbers. Of course, you may want to protect against a number of birds or you may just have problem with gulls. We will set up the system to target the birds that are causing you issues using one of the five input options:


The speakers utilise a unique audio library within the box using distress calls to scare away birds. They can be  set up to play up to 120 DB. The built-in programming doesn’t play the same sounds continuously but ensure that BirdAlert varies the sound to avoid habituation.

Gas Cannon

The various gas cannon options can be controlled to activate at different times to avoid habituation.

Kite Controller

Mounted in a kite controller, hawk kites are automatically raised and and lowered when noise is detected. The kit controller ensures that the birds don’t adapt to the hawk kite which can often be the case.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye reflects the ray of the sun in a varied pattern to harmlessly deter birds from unwanted areas. The reflective surface sends beams around in a menacing pattern.


While some of the audio scaring options aren’t suitable in certain areas due to noise pollution, the scareman can be used as an effective alternative. It will instantly inflate for maximum scare.

bird alert scareman

Where Can Bird Alert be Used?

Bird Alert can be used in many different places where birds are likely to cause issues. Airports for example are a prime example. Birds making their homes near busy runways for example are a threat to planes taking off and landing and can cause catastrophic consequences. Other prime areas include:

That’s not an exhaustive list and there are many other circumstances in which Bird Alert is an excellent solution.

If you have a nuisance bird problem that is affecting your home or business then get in touch with us. We are licensed in bird control services and offer a number of solutions that are both effective and humane. Our experts cover the counties of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset and further afield. Get in touch to discuss your bird scaring or bird proofing requirements. We will be able to advise you on the most effective Plymouth bird scaring solutions for your domestic or commercial bird issues.