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Nuisance birds can be seen in huge numbers across many areas of the UK including right here in Bristol. In fact, we are seeing an increased number of calls for Bristol bird control services. The trouble is, like many pests, these birds only multiply in numbers given the right conditions. Given the right kind of hospitable environment to nest, which is most often the top of a building somewhere, they will flourish and cause damage to the property in question and the properties in the nearby vicinity.

The Damage Caused by Nuisance Birds

Seagulls and pigeons are the key culprits, along with crows and starlings (especially on agricultural land) and most often the reason that we are called upon to provide Bristol bird control services. While gulls in particular are intimidating creatures who can be aggressive when looking for food, they also bring with them more issues:

Businesses have a moral responsibility to protect their customers and the general public as well as making sure that these birds don’t cause damage to their own property and crops.

Bristol Bird Netting Professionals

Our job, as professional bird control Bristol specialists, is to provide solutions to 1. Encourage the birds not to nest there in the first place and 2. Remove the unwanted visitors. We do this using a number of tried and tested solutions. Our Bristol bird netting service is one such solution. By protecting the roof of a building with professional bird netting, we can prevent the birds from landing on a flat surface. This works by discouraging the birds in the first place but also by moving them on if they have taken up residence.

Bristol Bird Spiking Experts

Bird spiking is another great method of providing a less than inviting environment for Bristol nuisance birds. The spikes are installed on and around ledges where birds can perch but where netting would be less effective. The spikes are installed so that there is no space for the birds to perch.

Other Bristol Bird Control Methods

While netting and spiking are two of our most popular services, we also provide bird scaring and bird hawking and scaring services. Bird hawking is when a bird of prey is flown over an area warning birds lower down the food chain that there is a predator on the loose and encouraging them to move on. We have a number of trained birds of prey that do an excellent job for us.

In addition to our successful bird hawking techniques, we are also delighted to offer BirdAlert®. This is an effective method of Bristol bird control used to make a bird feel unsettled via the emission of specifically targeted noises. The BirdAlert system can be set up and monitored from your mobile phone and is species specific. let’s say you have a problem with seagulls. You can programme BirdAlert to employ techniques that are designed to scare off gulls. Unlike other bird scaring tools, the sounds are emitted at different times to avoid habituation meaning it has a much higher success rate. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you with your5 bird control requirements.

Bird Proofing for Solar Panels

With solar panels becoming a preferred choice for many as we become more environmentally conscious, they do bring their own issues. Namely, nuisance birds who find them a great place to nest. We offer an expert solar panel bird proofing system which will protect the area around the panels from bird droppings from getting into your roofing system.

Professional Bird Control Bristol

All of our methods are carried out by experienced Bristol bird control experts that have carried out these bird proofing methods for an extensive array of clients. These include offices, listed buildings that need protecting from the damaging effects of bird faeces, apartment blocks, large warehouses where birds nest in the rafters and more. If you would like to discuss your Bristol bird control project with us, we would be only too happy to help. Please contact us on 01752 929292 to arrange a quotation.




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