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A coastal city means coastal birds. Not only does Plymouth see it’s fair share of seagulls, but the size of the city means that there is also an abundance of pigeons, notoriously found around the city centre. From the Hoe and the Barbican to the city centre and on the outskirts of the city, you are never far away from the cry of a gull. Further out, in more remote and rural areas, the problem of nuisance birds still exist but the targets tend to be agricultural crops – freshly planted seeds and growing crops.

The Problem with Plymouth Nuisance Birds

While you may think that nuisance birds are just a bit noisy and annoying, it is only when you look at the problems and damage that they can cause that you start to see just what you are up against and realise the need for effective Plymouth bird control. These problems include:

Experienced Plymouth Bird Netting services

Plymouth nuisance birds can be controlled using a variety of methods. The first, and one of the most effective, is bird netting. Our Plymouth bird netting service works by preventing access to rooftop areas or large expanses where birds can land and perch/roost. The netting makes it impossible for the birds to infiltrate and find their way to the rooftop below.

Plymouth Bird Spiking

Where netting isn’t viable, Plymouth bird spiking is a great alternative. This is generally used in high, hard to reach places or smaller areas where birds can perch. The spikes make the area inhospitable and mean that birds that have already taken up residence will be forced to move on to find another home. Spikes are great in the smallest of areas and provide an effective barrier.

Effective Plymouth Bird Control.

Bird netting and spiking are two excellent and very effective methods of bird control but, when it’s too late to prevent the birds from nesting, there are other Plymouth bird control services that will help rid you of this unwanted problem.  These include scaring and hawking and at Falcon we are lucky to have a team of reliable birds of prey that are used to fly over an area populated by gulls and pigeons to scare the birds into moving on.

Not only do we have an outstanding team of hawks, that are part of the family, we also use a highly effective bird scaring system – BirdAlert®. Unlike some bird scaring tools which play the same sounds on a loop over and over, it is cleverly programmed to avoid habituation using varying techniques and sounds. The system is designed to recognise and react to certain species, employing various, and relevant, scare tactics to encourage the birds to move on and find somewhere else to nest. You can read more about our BirdAlert system and what it does, here.

Bird Proofing for Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming a more familiar site to many of us whether that be fields of panels dotted across the countryside or those that are fitted to the roofs of domestic and commercial properties. Our solar panel bird proofing service means that the edges where birds like to nest are sealed off, protecting your panels and your roof and encouraging the birds to move on.

Plymouth Bird Control Professionals

The team at Falcon have extensive experience in the field of Plymouth bird control and have worked with firms large and small to provide effective barriers to nuisance birds. We can offer advice, rid you of these pests and set up effective bird proofing systems to protect your property. Simply call the team on 01752 929292 to discuss your requirements.



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