Solar Panel Bird Proofing

One of the questions we get asked a lot is “can I bird proof my solar panels?”. The answer is “yes, you can”. Solar panel bird proofing for both domestic and commercial premises is a highly sought after service as it appears that birds, particularly pigeons are partial to building their nests under the panels between the panel and the roof.

The trouble is, once the birds decide to make their home under the solar panels, they are difficult to discourage and they bring with them a set of issues that you really don’t want. It is always better to consider solar panel bird proofing at the point of having the PV panels installed, before the birds have chance to find this hospitable nesting spot.

Professional solar panel bird proofing will stop the birds accessing the shelter they are seeking and prevent a whole host of problems for the home or business owner.

Pigeons and the Trouble they Cause

One of the major offenders when it comes to nesting under solar panels, is the pigeon. It is usually the most common bird to see perching on top of them. It’s quite difficult to spot them hiding under the panels but they are usually very visible when perching, especially when they invite their friends along. It is not exclusive to pigeons though and solar farms see a plethora of birds taking up home amongst the extensive array of panels.

Not only are nuisance birds a hazard to the neighbourhood with their droppings and noise, they also stop the solar panels being as effective as they should be. But what issues do they bring and why should you consider solar panel bird proofing?

Let’s Talk Bird Poop

Unfortunately, where there are birds there is bird guano (the polite term for bird droppings) and the mess gets everywhere. The neighbours cars, the street down below, the gutters, pipes and on the panels themselves. Bird poop is nasty stuff and carries lots of pathogens that can be hazardous to health. It is just as nasty when it dries out as it can be breathed in. Once it accumulates, it hardens and can cause a build-up that is difficult to get rid out without professional cleaning. Whether you are a home or business owner, the mess is a problem for all.

Bird Mites

Another by-products of nuisance birds are bird mites. You don’t want them in your property! This is a problem that can be difficult to get rid of, not to mention expensive. Unfortunately, many wild birds are hosts to bird mite.

Noise Nuisance

At sunrise, you will hear them! The cries of gulls or the cooing of pigeons can be rather annoying and another reason why you don’t want birds nesting on your solar panels. If you have solar panels overhead, that aren’t bird proofed, there is a very good chance you will be disturbed by nesting birds. Homeowners in particular will be woken up as the sunrises.

Complaining Neighbours

For those businesses and homes that do have solar panels, if you do get a nesting bird problem, you are going to have neighbours that are less than amused. Your issues will become their issues and it will be their cars that get dirty!

The Solution to Nesting Birds

Our Solar Panel Bird Proofing Process

First, we assess the extent of the problem. Birds that have been nesting there a while can have left a build-up of hardened bird poo. This needs to be cleaned away. We will get rid of as much as possible without compromising the effectiveness of the solar panels. We then install a bird proofing system.

Our methods include the installation of a bird proof meshing system designed to stop the birds from being able to perch on the panels. It is easy to install and means that there is no drilling required to the panels. It can be easily removed for maintenance or cleaning and does not invalidate the warranty of the panels. Solar panel bird proofing protects the roof, the wiring and the equipment.

The pigeons may not move on straight away. They will hang around and work out what is going on but being prevented from nesting under the panels will mean that they can’t get in or out as they did before. It will only be a matter of time before your bird problem is eradicated.

Commercial Bird Proofing

We provide bird proofing services to anyone who has solar panels whether that be their home or business. We have also helped many large commercial clients too. Those with large premises tend to have lots of solar panels which is like party time for the birds. We work with all manner of bird proofing systems to provide the most effective protection for businesses. This can be specific bird meshing for domestic houses or bird spiking systems for solar farms. Our team will advise on the best solution to suit your particular circumstances.

This may extend to our bird hawking service for larger premises. We fly our Harris Hawks over an area which signals the threat of a predator. Now, done in isolation, this won’t have much impact so it needs to be done over a period of time, varying the times that we fly the hawks so that the birds don’t get complacent. The hawk signals a threat and the pigeons, gulls and starlings will be encouraged to move on.

Don’t forget, these birds are protected under the Wildlife Act so it is illegal to interfere with their nests or eggs. Any bird control services need to be carried out by licensed and experienced professionals.

Bird Proofing for Solar Farms

Unlike roof solar panels where the gap allows the birds to nest underneath, solar panels offer a different type of attraction. The light is very welcoming for birds and their prey. The polarised light is mistaken for water. The vast expanse of panels also offer shelter to a number of different species of bird. The trouble is, they like to perch on top of the panels leaving a build-up mess. They also build their nest meaning there is lots of debris.

solar farm bird proofing

The Damage Can be Costly

The damage caused by nuisance birds to solar panels can be extensive. They can damage the cables, wiring and the PV panels. Once the bird guano has built up in an area, you will need professional cleaners in to remove it.

The Debris Can Cause Fires

Nesting materials are often made out of straw and kindling. Solar panels can get very hot! Put the two together and you have a recipe for fire. Professional, effective solar farm bird proofing is needed to negate the threat of any of these issues.

Act Now to Protect Your Solar Farm

It is important to act sooner rather than later. Solar farm bird proofing should take place when the solar panels are first installed however, hindsight can be a wonderful thing. If you have a bird problem, we can help you to resolve it but prevention is better than cure. You may not have a bird problem now but it could be just a matter of time before you do.

Other Ways to Protect Your Solar Farm

In addition to effective bird proofing, there are other precautions you can take to keep wildlife to a minimum. Regular mowing of the grass will stop it being a haven and shelter for animals. Now, we care about the environment and we don’t want to suggest that you remove the wildlife completely.

You can consider creating a bird habitat on land away from your solar panels if this is a possibility. If you want to create a haven for the local wildlife, use adjoining land. This way you are protecting your interests and the environment.

Professional Solar Panel Bird Proofing

At Falcon Environmental Services, we offer a range of humane bird deterrents and bird proofing methods. Our aim is to discourage the birds from nesting and to move them on gently. Whether it is the use of our Harris Hawks to indicate the threat of a predator or bird spiking and netting methods, our methods are effective and get results.

If you would like more information about our solar panel bird proofing, be sure to give us a call on 01752 929292 or get in touch and we will be happy to take a look for you.


solar panel bird proofing


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