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Seagulls, pigeons, crows, starlings… these birds can be a problem for everyone from homeowners to landowners trying to grow crops. Whether it’s a solar panel farm, agricultural land, seaside businesses or city centre commercial concerns, nuisance birds can cause untold problems and damage. That’s why it’s so important to have effective South Brent bird control measures in place.

Why South Brent Nuisance Birds are an Issue

As well as being noisy and messy, birds including seagulls and pigeons can post a threat to health. Crows and starlings can cause expensive damage to crops and property. The old fashioned tactics of scarecrows and cats, aren’t enough to keep these pests at bay though. In addition to being hard to scare, you also have to be mindful of the legalities involved in South Brent bird control. It is against the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 to interfere with any bird nests while the bids are nesting. The nests must remain untouched until the young have fledged the nest.

Some of the problems you might incur from gulls, pigeons, starlings and crows, for example, include:

All of the above can be costly to home and business owners and best avoided where possible.

South Brent Bird Netting services

If birds have already taken up residence, it can be hard to get rid of them, especially as they are protected.  You then have to employ sophisticated methods of bird scaring (see BirdAlert). The best course of action is to prevent them nesting in the first place. A South Brent bird control survey is the best place to start to see the potential issues and recommend the best course of action.

Bird netting is the most effective method of bird proofing and stops birds being able to land on your roof, ledges, around chimney stacks etc. With professional South Hams bird netting, you can be confident that these nuisance birds won’t be taking up residence at your property.

Bird Spiking for Homes and Business

As an alternative to bird netting, bird spiking can be used in those awkward spaces when netting isn’t viable. Usually in higher, smaller places where birds find it easier to perch and roost. The placement of spikes makes the area inhospitable to birds encouraging them to find somewhere else to nest.

Effective Bird Control

While bird netting and spiking are two highly effective methods of bird control, there are a range of other effective services too. These include hawking. At Falcon, we are lucky to have a team of reliable birds of prey that are used to fly over an area populated by gulls and pigeons to scare the birds into moving on. Our birds are important members of the family here at Falcon and lead a very comfortable life with us.

South Brent Bird Alert

BirdAlert is a sophisticated method of bird scaring which uses various tactics to encourage birds to move on. Unlike other audible bird scaring tactics, BirdAlert can be programmed to target a specific species. The sounds can be programmed to play at various intervals to avoid habituation meaning that the birds see the sounds as a true threat of a predator in the area.

We have seen great success with our South Brent Bird Alert system. It is now used by many commercial organisations to manage their bird control requirements. 

Bird Control Professionals

Our team here at Falcon have extensive experience in South Brent bird control methods, working with firms large and small to provide effective barriers and preventative measures to nuisance birds. We can offer advice, rid you of many of the issues and set up effective bird proofing systems to protect your property and land.

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