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As a city with a number of buildings, Taunton has its fair share of nuisance birds and it is not unusual for us to receive calls to help a commercial client with their Taunton bird control requirements. All it takes is an nice open rooftop or a comfortable looking ledge and before you know it, you have a flock of unwelcome visitors causing destruction and disruption to your property.

Taunton Nuisance Birds Cause Damage to Property

Effective Taunton bird control is imperative to local businesses that have visitors or that are in a populated area, but other businesses must exercise bird control measures for healthy and safety reasons too. The kind of problems you can expect from nuisance birds include:

In addition to this, it can just be off putting to carry out your day to day business under the beady eyes of these threatening creatures.

Taunton Bird Netting Experts

Bird netting is one of our key services and is ideal for large open spaces. Large buildings with an expanse of roof space are excellent candidates for this type of service. Unfortunately, it is also the perfect environment for seagulls and pigeons. Our Taunton bird netting service is an extremely effective method of Taunton bird control.

Taunton Bird Spiking

Where netting perhaps won’t be as effective on beams, rafters, ledges etc, bird spiking is a great alternative. No bird is going to want to rest on a ledge covered in spikes. Our team are extremely proficient in installing spiking. Not only will it deter birds from nesting in the first place, once they have moved and you have had the spikes installed, they won’t want to come back.

Effective Taunton Bird Control Methods

In addition to spiking and netting, we also offer a number of bird proofing methods. At Falcon, we have our own very special birds of prey that are important members of the team. We use them for hawking. This involves flying the bird over the affected area to send a message to the other birds that this is their territory. It is an effective method of unnerving the nuisance birds into moving on. We can regularly be seen around the South West flying our birds over agricultural land, football stadiums and the like.

We are also delighted to be able to offer BirdAlert®, a highly effective method of bird scaring that is specifically targeted at the birds that you have an issue with. You can programme BirdAlert to employ scaring techniques for seagulls, pigeons, crows or other birds. The system works by emitting the noises of a predator at irregular intervals in order to avoid habituation. This way it is more of a real threat and the birds that you are encouraging to move on, will be more inclined to do so.

Bird Proofing for Solar Panels

Solar panels have become more popular as people strive to do their bit for the environment. Unfortunately, they do tend to attract pigeons and seagulls as they offer a nice place for them to nest. Don’t be surprised that where there are solar panels, there are also birds. We offer a protective solar panel netting that stops the birds nesting around the edges and prevents them getting into the cracks and defecation.

Professional Bird Control Taunton

We pride ourselves on our customer service levels and our ability to provide our customers with the Taunton bird control services that they seek. If you have a business or property that needs protecting from nuisance birds, then please contact us on 01752 929292 to arrange a quotation.

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