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As a coastal town, seagulls are an all too common sight. it’s not just seagulls you have to worry about, you also need to consider pigeons and other nuisance birds that like to nest where you don’t want them to. At Falcon, we operate an effective Torquay bird control service that can help you get rid of your unwanted guests and stop them taking up residence in the first place.

The Issues that Torquay Nuisance Birds Create

It is imperative to exercise effective Torquay nuisance bird control to make sure that your property is protected from the damage caused by seagulls and pigeons. You may also want to protect your guests, customers, staff and passers-by from potential seagull attacks or these common issues:

These issues may not be of concern to you yet but given the chance, these pests will take up residence wherever it is safe and hospitable.

Torquay Bird Netting Specialists

One of the more popular methods of Torquay bird control is bird netting. Netting is used to form a barrier between the bird and the open space on a rooftop for example. It stops them permeating the net and nesting on the flat surfaces. At Falcon, we see a lot of call for Torquay bird netting.

Bird Spiking for Torquay Buildings

If you look up at the ledges or chimneys of buildings, you may have seen bird spiking. It is another popular method of bird proofing. The presence of spikes means that the bird cannot perch in these areas. If they did, it would be extremely uncomfortable. As well as acting as a deterrent, it can also move birds on that are away from their nest. The presence of our team will temporarily remove the birds while we carry out the work making it impossible for them to return.

Effective Taunton Bird Control Methods

As well as our Torquay bird proofing methods which include spiking and netting mentioned above, we also offer bird scaring services. Once the birds have nested, it is illegal to interfere with them or their nests. All wild birds are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 and therefore it is always better to imply bird proofing techniques. However, if you so already have a bird issue, we can offer various methods of Torquay bird control which include bird scaring and bird hawking. Hawking involves flying predatory birds over an area to warn the nesting birds that there is a threat. By doing this at irregular intervals, the birds are soon encouraged to move on and find somewhere else to nest.

We are also delighted to be able to offer BirdAlert®. This is a fantastic system which can be set up and monitored from your mobile phone and specifically targeted at individual species of birds. If you have a problem with gulls, for example, you can programme the BirdAlert system to play sounds that are likely to scare them off. By varying the intervals of when the noises are played, rather than set times each day, you will avoid habituation and have a much higher rate of success.

Solar Panels Bird Proofing

Unfortunately, while solar panels are extremely popular now for environmental purposes, they are also a hit with the birds. Gulls and pigeons like to make their homes around the panels. The trouble is, their faeces can get into the roof space below. Not only this but they make a lot of noise and mess.

Professional Bird Control Torquay

At Falcon, we are extremely dedicated to our customers and are very proud of the service that we provide. Should you have a requirement for any of our Torquay bird control services, please do not hesitate to call us on 01752 929292.

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