5 Tips for Keeping Plymouth Pests Away

We are not here to tell you that you can stop Plymouth pests setting up home in or around your Plymouth property. If they decide they want to find a way in, they usually do. What we can do though is offer you some prevention tips along with what to do if you do encounter a pest problem such as calling in a Plymouth pest exterminator. 

Slugs and snails hate strong smells 

These creatures are not a pest that you are likely to need a Plymouth exterminator for but still something that can cause a lot of damage to the beloved plants that you have worked so hard to nurture and grow. There is some good news though, you can keep them at bay by planting strong smelling plants such as lavender. Lavender, along with marigolds and geraniums give off a strong smell that slugs don’t like unlike smaller seedlings. Studies reveal that as well as the taste, these slimy pests are also put off by the strong smell.  

plymouth slugs and snails

Carry out a visual inspection of your Plymouth home

Pests like rats and mice will find their way up pipes, though the smallest holes and crevices and into the cracks that lead into your house. Other pests like wasps will make nests in a hole, under the eaves in a garage or inside a hollowed out tree.  The best thing to do is an external inspection to see if there are any visible entry points and then block access.

Keeping the garden in good order

Keep the bushes and hedges trimmed, the trees pruned and piles of rubbish and wood tidied. Weed the garden and generally keep it well maintained. Standing water will attract mosquitoes while piles of rubbish are a perfect breeding ground for creepy crawlies. 

Be mindful of what you throw in the rubbish 

If you don’t want swarms of flies and maggots then separate your rubbish properly. Put the food waste in the compost recycling bins and not the main bins. If you have loose bags that contain food, put them inside something that creatures cannot find their way into. Make sure you properly dispose of dog mess and others things that may attract flies. 

plymouth flies

Use a Plymouth pest exterminator

Finally, if you have to admit that you have a pest problem and don’t know how to deal with it, call in pest control experts. Make sure you choose someone that is experienced and well reputed and that deals with all sorts of pests. You want to make sure that they can not only get rid of the problem for you but also stop it coming back. 

At Falcon Environmental Services, our team of experts are on hand to answer your questions and can arrange to come to your home or place of work to help you identify and resolve any pest issues you might have. Call us on 01752 929292 for more help. 

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