Anti-Viral Fogging for Cruise Ships

Anti-viral fogging for cruise ships, cargo ships and oil rigs is the ideal solution for those operators that want the peace of mind that they are ticking all of the right boxes when it comes to reducing the risk of contamination from pathogens. 

Our anti-viral fogging service kills 99.999% of pathogens meaning that whether you operate a passenger/cruise liner or a cargo ship, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are operating a safe and hygienic service.

In addition to ships and rigs, other situations where people are residing in close proximity to one another increase the chances of transmitting unwanted viruses.

Anti-Viral Fogging for Cruise Ships

Cruise ships and ferries – how many times have we heard about an outbreak of a virus or vomiting bug on board a ship? With so many people in close proximity, it can be difficult to contain it and soon, many passengers become victim to whatever is being transmitted. Corona virus outbreaks have forced ships to dock and isolate for 14 days with food and supplies having to be delivered to the ship. Once the virus or bugs are present on the ship, it can be hard to stop the spread. A thorough anti-viral fogging of cruise ships can prevent the spread and get rid of 99.999% of pathogens. The fogging of each cabin and communal areas means that you can give everything a thorough deep clean, quickly and effectively. 

anti-viral fogging for cruise ships

Oil Rig Deep Cleaning

Oil rigs are populated by crews that work in close proximity to one another. The arrival of one person that may be carrying a virus is a risk and again, like cruise ships, once a virus is present, there isn’t much you can do to contain the spread. Regular hygiene and deep cleaning can help to stop the spread and ensure that you are doing the best to keep the environment free of pathogens. 

Student Accommodation 

With the return of students to universities and other higher education establishments, comes the increased risk of virus transmissions. University halls and dorms with their shared rooms can be contained to an extent but as students move around the campus, the spread of viruses can occur quickly. With the Covid-19 threat, anti-viral fogging is a precaution that can be delivered during down time in holidays or in a situation where the campus may be forced to close down.

For more details about our anti-viral fogging for cruise ships, cargo liners, oil rigs and other populated areas, give the team at Falcon a call on 01752 929292.

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Great prompt service, would highly recommend, Helping keep our staff and clients safe in these unprecedented times.
We have arranged a monthly anti fogging with them.
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