Arrange Your Bird Proofing Site Survey for Next Season

For those of you that are looking for bird proofing solutions, unfortunately, it’s a little too late for this season. This is because the seagulls have started nesting already and very soon their young will hatch. As all wild birds are protected, it is illegal to interfere with their nests which means that you can do very little in terms of bird proofing until the birds have fledged. That doesn’t stop you planning ahead however and making sure you are organised for next year with a professional bird proofing site survey.

Bird Scaring 

While bird scaring tactics and tools such as BirdAlert can be used to encourage birds to move on, the actual act of bird proofing such as netting and spiking are not going to be possible while there are nesting birds on your property. You are going to have to suffer the consequences of these birds making mess and noise until the young have fledged the nest.

Plan Ahead with a Bird Proofing Site Survey 

It pays to plan ahead though and as soon as the birds have fledged the nest, you are able to put proper bird proofing measures in place to prevent them coming back. You are also going to need to consider cleaning up the mess they have left behind. We recommend that you start bird proofing measures in the autumn so that you know that you are fully prepared for the next nesting season. 

Cleaning up the Mess Before Bird Proofing 

Where there have been birds – there is going to be bird mess or guano (it’s proper name). Once the poop becomes dried and hardened by the sun, the particles can become airborne entering through vents, air con units, chimneys, solar panels and the like. Bird faeces can carry disease so a professional clean is highly recommended. We can then advise you on the best bird proofing measures going forward to prevent the birds from seeing your site as an attractive place to build their nests next year.  

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So, don’t let another season get away from you as you continue to suffer the effects of nuisance birds and make sure you are well prepared for the next cycle. Give us a call today on 01752 929292 and let us deal with your nuisance bird issues by arranging a bird proofing site survey. 

If you are really suffering at the hands of nuisance birds, there may be solutions that we can offer using our BirdAlert system and our hawks. We can discuss this with you over the phone and arrange a site visit if required.

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