Autumn Pest Checklist

As we head into the autumn, leaving a strange summer behind us, we take a look at what pests you can expect to find in or around your property. Of course, many pests are around all year round but our homes and properties are more likely to become home to unwanted guests at certain times of year. 


At this time of year, as we approach the end of summer, wasps  are running out of food making their presence heightened and more irritating. They are on the hunt for food. They will start to eat the rotten fruit falling off the trees and this will lead them to become drunk and aggressive. They aren’t planning to disappear just yet either. Pest control for wasps is still required as late as October. 

Although you may start to see more wasps, this doesn’t mean their nests are new, it just means that they are looking for food.  They will start to venture further afield. If you are seeing them in greater numbers this could indicate a nest in outbuildings such as the garage or shed, in trees or even in brick holes on the side of your house.


As the weather turns cooler, you will definitely see an increase of spiders making their way indoors. With that comes the question of what kind of spider it is. A false widow for example is more of a cause for concern than your common house spider even if these big furry specimens are more scary than their smaller false widow counterparts, it’s these small ones you need to watch. If you suspect a false widow nest, you need to call in a pest controller. 


Fleas usually peak in the autumn. Cats spend more time outside in the sunny weather and pick them up, as do dogs. They can also be picked up on holiday and bought back. Once you’ve got one flea, it’s not long before you’ve got an infestation. It is difficult to get rid of them yourselves but a professional pest exterminator can help. 

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Why can you expect to experience bedbugs at this time of year? Well, bedbugs can be bought back in suitcases from foreign holidays (all be it not so many holidays have occurred this year). They do take time to establish themselves though so the effects aren’t usually realised until a few weeks later. At this point, it’s hard to get Reid of them yourself so you will need to rely on the expertise of a professional pest control company.  

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Other Pests to Watch Out For

Habits have definitely changed this year. The lack of people out and about has meant that nuisance birds and rodents have had to find other sources of food. More seagulls can be  seen in residential areas looking for food elsewhere and pigeons seek to be roosting in back garden trees. While rats, mice and cockroaches aren’t at their peak yet, it is still important to remain vigilant. 

Contact the Experts

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