Bee Swarm Relocation

Falcon Environmental Services have always had a keen interest in saving the bees. In fact, we have safely removed and re-homed them on numerous occasions with the help of the professionals. We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have now teamed up with local beekeepers, @thesixbees to save even more bees and offer a professional, expert bee swarm relocation.

A recent project saw us remove and relocate a swarm of honey bees from a chimney. To be honest, this particular swarm was the largest either of us had ever tackled so it was quite the experience. Not only did we safely remove and relocate the hive, we also bee proofed the chimney so that this problem won’t occur again.  Let’s take a look at bees, why is so important to relocate them and why you should never try and tackle a bee swarm yourself.

Saving the Bees

While bees are endangered, they are not protected. Strange seeing as they offer so many benefits to our eco system. They are responsible for so much of nature so it is important to protect them and to make sure they can carry on their important work without coming to any harm. Safe relocation of a bee swarm/nest is crucial.

Bee Swarm Relocation

Never try and move a bee swarm yourself. Not only are there the obvious dangers that come from being stung, and the possibility of a severe reaction, you also have to consider the survival of the bees. They have to be removed specific distances for the relocation to work. This ranges from 3 feet to over 3 miles. It’s also really tricky to move a swarm if you don’t have the right protective gear and equipment. Bees are also quite particular about where they live so they need access to a place at height that is safe from predators and gives them enough room to work and grow.

Why Do Bees Like Chimneys?

While bees like the cavities of trees, one of the more popular spots for them to nest are in chimneys. There are a number of reasons for this:

It’s no surprise then that most bee call outs involve chimneys.

Identifying a Bee Swarm

The indicators that you have a bee swarm will be the noise or sight of multiple bees. You will see them hovering in certain areas near the hive. If you can hear but not see them, this is a sign that they are in the fabric of your home.

There are over 200 different types of bees so identifying exactly what bees are taking up residence in our around your home can be tricky. It may not even be bees – you could have wasps or hornets. Before you go poking around to try and discover what they are, call the professionals.

Call the Professionals

If you suspect a bees nest, get in touch with us for more advice and to arrange a professional bee swarm relocation. Working with the team from @thesixbees, we are able to access even the trickiest spots and remove the bees for transportation. The Falcon team will then bee proof the area to avoid further instances while the guys from @thesixbees will relocate the bee swarm to a much safer, and less intrusive home. The bees can then carry on their highly productive work producing honey and pollinating the environment. If you would like more information, or think you may have a bee swarm on your property, call us on 01752 929292.



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