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If you have gulls and pigeons nesting on or around your Cornwall premises you will know only too well what a nuisance they can make of themselves. Let’s face it with so many coastal areas around the county it’s not a big surprise to hear the regular cries of gulls or see pigeons walking along the streets. There are no shortage of stories of gulls swooping in to take a swipe at your chips or signs warning you about the risk of seagull attacks. As the populations increase and the birds look for new places to nest it is more common to see them inland as well. In fact wherever your Cornwall business is based it is safe to assume that you could fall victim to nuisance birds taking up residence on your premises.

Nuisance birds can affect your Cornwall business

The trouble with gulls and pigeons is that not only do their droppings make a real mess but they can also bring with them a whole host of other issues. They need to be dealt with at the first opportunity by an experienced, licensed professional.

It may be all too obvious to you that you have a nuisance bird problem if the problem is more established but if it is still in the early stages it may be a little more difficult to identify. Here are a few signs to look out for:-

  • Birds perching on the roof or ledges of your building
  • Concentration of bird droppings on the walls or around your premises
  • The cry of birds – especially young birds
  • The presence of nesting materials on or around the building
  • Damage from pecking birds

As wild birds are known to spread diseases like salmonella and psittacosis and the fact that they pose a risk to visitors and staff (birds have been known to attack when protecting their young) it is extremely important that you address the problem as soon as you have identified it.

Bird control in Cornwall

If you suspect that you have a bird problem at your Cornwall premises then you need to act fast. Call a professional who will use one or more methods to deal with the problem:-


The use of hawking is a great deterrent for nesting birds and one that is as natural as nature intended. A bird of prey, usually a Harrier Hawk, flies over the area where the gulls or pigeons are nesting to deter the birds and move them on. Once the nuisance birds catch sight of the hawk a few times they start to see the predator as a threat to both them and their young which encourages the birds to move to a safer location. The hawk is flown over the site at different times so that the birds don’t get too used to seeing them at a specific time each day. This isn’t an overnight solution and takes a number of visits but it is highly effective.

Netting and Spiking

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 protects all wild birds, even nuisance birds and their eggs and nests, so when treating the problem it has to be dealt with by a licensed professional. Netting and spiking is an effective deterrent and if done properly will not harm the birds – it will simply prevent them from landing and building nests on the roofs and ledges of your business in Cornwall.

Egg and Nest Removal

Egg and nest removal is another way to deal with a nuisance bird problem however it will take several visits during the breeding season to remove all of the eggs and nesting material. Once again as the eggs and nests are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is imperative that you call on the services of a licensed professional.

Other points to consider are to make sure there is not lots of food available around your Cornwall premises, ensure that all rubbish is stored safely and securely away from birds with sharp beaks and try and make sure that any ledges or access points aren’t hospitable to gulls and pigeons looking to nest.

If you suspect or are aware that you have a nuisance bird problem you can call Matt, our experienced director who is licensed to carry out hawking, netting, spiking and egg/nest removal and operates across the counties of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

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