Protect Your Property Before the Birds Return

Throughout the summer, the familiar squawking of seagulls or the noise of pigeons on your roof may have woken you up early in the morning, or presented distractions to you and your staff/visitors at work. You may have seen these nuisance birds perched on top of your roof as they made themselves at home and laid their eggs. At this point, you wouldn’t have had much chance to deal with the issue as it is actually illegal to disturb the nest when the birds are nesting or young. Instead, you probably thought “I will deal with that later on”. We take a look at why it is so important to bird proof your property before they return to their nests.

Once the birds have left the nest, this is the time when you should be taking action. At this point you are free to put effective bird control measures in place to stop them returning.

Out of Sight, Out of mind

Once the birds have fledged the nest, usually around the autumn time, you can breathe very temporary sigh of relief. What you may not know is that they will be back! The birds will return to their previous nests to start the cycle again after the winter. This time they won’t come alone, they will bring their young with them. What was a peaceful winter will soon become a noisy distraction again and there is very little you can do about it once this happens.

Prevention is Key

Instead of ignoring the problem, assuming it has rectified itself and carrying on as normal, it is critical to take steps to bird proof your property to stop the return of the birds. This could involve anything from bird netting on your roof to prevent the birds landing and nesting, or placing spiking on those harder to reach ledges and chimney pots. You could also choose bird lasering and other forms of bird control. Solar panels should be proofed along with rafters inside commercial buildings and other outbuildings.

Domestic and Commercial Bird Proofing

Whether you run a business or are dealing with birds on the solar panel of your home, you will face the same issues:

These aren’t problems that will just fix themselves.

If you have had problems with nuisance birds for a while, it may be wise to have the dried birds mess professionally removed. Once it dries, the dust can carry disease in the air and you don’t want that.

Bird Proof Your Property Before it’s Too Late

We get many enquiries from people who have not dealt with the issue once the birds have fledged the nest and then only realised there is a problem when they return. Unfortunately, at this point, it’s often too late to do anything about it once the early spring rolls round again.

While you may think that you have ample time between now and the end of winter, there are many situations that prevent us carrying out the work, especially during the winter months. If it’s raining, icy or the weather is really bad, we are unable to send our team up onto roofs to bird proof your property due to the hazards this presents. Instead, we need a dry day with fair weather. If you are keen to resolve your nuisance bird problem before they return, we would highly recommend getting in touch ASAP to discuss your requirements. Our team of professionals are here to help. We can be contacted on 01752 929292.

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