Professional and Effective Bird Proofing for Construction Sites

Are you looking for a professional and reliable company that offers South West bird proofing for construction sites? Look no further. Falcon Environmental Services are here to help.

Birds and Constructions Sites – the Bigger Picture

Nuisance birds are an unwanted problem for many businesses where protecting staff, visitors, customers and your premises is a priority but they can be especially costly for those that are trying to run a South West construction site. The last thing you want is seagulls, pigeons, starlings or indeed any birds, taking up residence and delaying your project. The problem is, if the birds get a chance to nest, getting rid of the nests is not an option. They are protected and therefore, once the nests are there, you have no option but to wait until the fledglings are hatched before you can continue with work. This can delay a construction project but as much as a year!!!!

Staff at Risk

Birds also pose a huge threat to your construction site workers. If these birds are trying to nest, they will become territorial and think nothing of trying to protect themselves and their young. Seagulls especially are a nuisance and will dive bomb. Not something you want to risk when you have to provide a safe environment for your team and contractors.

Deal with the Risks Now

It is not an option to sit and wait to see if you encounter this problem. You have to act now to protect your construction site from nesting birds. It’s not just seagulls and pigeons you need to be worried about. All birds nests are protected! It could be sterlings, house martins, sparrows, seagulls… if a bird nests on your site, you cannot remove it without incurring huge fines and penalties. Our South West Bird proofing for construction sites services can help you by preventing this happening and ensuring that you don’t lose time and money.

Effective Bird Proofing Methods 

There are numerous bird control methods exercised as part of our South West bird proofing for construction site services. These include

We will either use one, or a combination, of these methods to provide the most effective method of bird proofing Of course, this depends on a number of factors including the size of your construction site, the type of building/s and whether or not you already have birds nesting. 

The Best Time for South West Bird Proofing for Construction Sites 

The trick with bird proofing is not to wait. Even if there are no evidence of birds now, don’t be fooled. These pests will take up residence in any warm, dry and hospitable location. This could be the eves of your timber framed buildings, the rafters of a large warehouse or even the roofs of new build houses. Birds don’t have a preference – they will go where they can build their nests and lay their eggs safe from predators. Once they are in, you are going to have a whole set of problems on your hands.

These ledges are the ideal place for birds to nest

Sites that Have Been Empty

With the effects of the pandemic being far reaching this year, there have been periods of time when building and construction sites have been empty with tools downed and no-one allowed on site to work. If this is the case, don’t delay, get in touch with us. Our team can come in, assess the situation and get to work bird proofing your site and ensuring that the visitors move on before they start building their nests.

Act Before Nesting Season

Of course, now is the time when these birds will be considering their nests for spring so it’s important to consider protecting your projects as soon as possible. Bird netting and spiking will act as a deterrent for not only potential birds but also those that have already made their home. If you feel that you would benefit from our South West bird proofing for construction sites, give us a call today on 01752 929292.

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