Bird Proofing Your Property

Birds tend to begin their courtship in March or April and then nest in May however given the change in weather, with the milder winter that we are experiencing, it is time to consider bird proofing your property a little earlier this year. Ordinarily it will would be closer to spring when the seagulls and pigeons would start nesting however, due to the fact that we haven’t really had any cold spells yet, the birds are starting to look to nest already. 

Bird Proofing for Businesses

As seagull muggings seem to be hitting the headlines more frequently and the birds seem to be getting more aggressive. For business owners especially this can be disruptive. Not only that but birds can do lots of damage to a property. 

Various Methods of UK Bird Proofing 

Bird Spiking

Spiking is a popular choice for many types of businesses. Car garages for example don’t want birds nesting above their forecourts on the signs and roof ledges. They drop their mess on the new cars below and the bird droppings are acidic and cause damage. It’s also not very nice to be showing off new cars to customers covered in bird poo. 

Bird Netting 

When a property has ledges that are inviting to birds, you can expect them to make their nests there. Birds love spaces that are protected from predators and often choose ledges, crevices and other cosy spots, protected from the bad weather where they can make their nest and lay their eggs. Bird netting is a perfect solution for creating a barrier so that the birds can’t land. Nuisance birds such as seagulls and pigeons can cause damage to listed buildings, their faeces can cause damage and they are a threat to passers by. 

Bird Scaring & Bird Hawking 

Bird scaring and hawking are popular UK bird proofing solutions which act as good deterrents, encouraging the birds to move on from your property. The presence of a hawk is threatening and means that the birds will move on to avoid becoming the dinner of the hawk. It is an effective method and with our specialist birds of prey, we offer an excellent hawking service. 

Protecting Solar Panels

We are seeing an increasing amount of birds nesting on solar panels. This is a problem for bother evidential and commercial properties. Specialist bird proofing for solar panels means that you can protect the property and stop the panels and everything nearby from getting covered in bird faeces.

At Falcon Environmental Services we are licensed and experienced to carry out all types of bird proofing across the UK. If you have a commercial premises that requires bird proofing then give us a call and we will be happy to help – 01752 929292.

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