Bird proofing your Plymouth school

At Falcon Environmental Services we get many calls about nuisance birds who have decided to make their homes in all sorts of inconvenient places. From under motorway bridges to train stations, town centres and coastal areas, it seems that these birds don’t discriminate and will look for anywhere warm, dry and safe to lay their eggs.  If you run a school or other educational establishment, bird proofing your Plymouth school against nuisance birds is paramount, especially when you have vulnerable young children to protect.

bird proofing your Plymouth school

It is important to protect against the threat posed by gulls

Gulls can be dangerous to children

In addition to being a nuisance with their mess, and the damage that they can cause to properties, one of the biggest problems is the danger that they pose. Not only are seagulls, less intimidated than ever before about swooping down and stealing someone’s lunch, they can also carry some nasty diseases.

Pigeon droppings can spread diseases

Pigeon anf gull droppings can spread diseases

Pigeon and gull droppings can spread diseases

If your school, college or university has an outdoor eating facility, you want to ensure that its not covered in bird mess and that the children and young people are safe without threat of attack when enjoying their sandwiches. The types of diseases that they transmit via their faeces include Histoplasmosis which is a respiratory disease caused by fungus that grows in dried bird droppings and Salmonellosis.

Bird proofing your Plymouth school or educational establishment

If you are seeing nuisance birds around your school or if you are seeing an increase in bird droppings around the outside play areas then please do call one of our bird control experts to assess the situation. You might not be able to see the birds and where they are nesting but you may have concerns that they are close by.

Licensed and experienced bird control experts

One of our licensed and experienced experts will come at a time to suit you and assess the situation. We can discuss the various bird control methods with you and which would be the most suitable for your school. It could be that you would like us to work during the school holidays when the children are off. As parents ourselves we understand the importance of keeping children safe and will work with quickly and efficiently to help you resolve the problem and move the birds on.

If you would like us to help you with your nuisance bird problem then call us on 01752 929292. We would only be too happy to help.


Great prompt service, would highly recommend, Helping keep our staff and clients safe in these unprecedented times.
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