Rising Above the Rest with Our Church Bird Proofing Services

For those of you that are familiar with the work of Falcon Environmental Services, you will probably be aware that our slogan is “Rising Above the Rest”. Never has that been quite as apt as with this most recent project which has kept the team at Falcon busy. As you can see from the many pictures below, we have been working to provide high level church bird proofing at The Cathedral Church of St Mary and St Boniface in Plymouth. The work is crucial to protect this historic and important building, built in the 1850’s, against the damage that bird guano can cause. 

Steeplejacks Required to Install Ladders

Because this is such a tall building, n0t to mention an awkward shape, the first step in the process was for specialist Steeplejacks to install the ladders which were needed to go right to the top of the church spire. Due to the sheer size of the church, and the fact that any bird proofing has to be done at a high level, it’s just not possible for our specialist church bird proofing team to access the building without these specialists ladders. You can see from the below video just how far up they have to go.


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Rope Access Team Can Then Carry Out Bird Proofing Works

Once the ladders have been erected and are securely in place, it is then down to our rope access team to carry out the bird proofing work. These specialist workers are skilled and experienced in abseiling and can carry out the necessary work safely and effectively at height. Obviously, we can’t just use anybody for this. It requires specialist skills, training and insurance. Our rope access service is fully insured and means that we can offer specialist bird proofing services working at a high level.

Church Bird Proofing Internally and Externally

The project at The Cathedral Church of St Mary and St Boniface, was to  carry out bird proofing to the 8 columns where the pigeons have been getting in and causing a lot of mess. The access points further up, also needed proofing to ensure that every possible entry point is inaccessible to potential nuisance birds who just love to roost and nest here.

The construction of the building and the position of the access points for pigeons means that the bird proofing has to be done both internally and externally. Bird netting is the most suitable method of bird control in this instance as it is 100% effective and will prevent access to the pigeons who will no longer be able to get in to any of the gaps in the columns or further up the spire.

This project was a large one and took a lot of time and resource however, we couldn’t be more proud of the team and the work that they have achieved. If you would like to discuss bird control methods and our high level access services, do not hesitate to get in touch – 01742 929292.

Falcon Environmental Services – Rising Above the Rest Quite. In this case, quite literally!

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