Top Tips for Dealing with Summer Pests

As the sun comes out here in the South West, and the tourists flock to the seaside, it’s not just the people that are swarming around the area. The sun also brings with it some familiar, but not so friendly faces. While we bask in the sunshine in beer gardens, on the beaches, in parks and enjoy the most of the sun while it lasts, we have to share the space with others. We are referring to those pesky nuisances such as seagulls and wasps. We pick on these two creatures with tips for dealing with summer pests, as they are the main culprits and the ones that can do the most damage. Watch your ice-cream folks, there is more than one who’d like to eat it.

Summertime Means Wasps

Waving your arms around wildly is likely to do nothing to deter the wasp that wants to join you for lunch or finish off your beer. It’s around now that the first warning we get of a wasp is a buzzing getting closer to us as it moves in on whatever is attracting it to you.

Top tips for dealing with wasps

To prevent getting stung by wasps, avoid strong scents and bright clothing, don’t leave sugary drinks unattended and always check if you do go back to them. Make sure you dispose of all fizzy and sugary rubbish too!


Seagulls Love this Time of Year

Chips on the seafront or promenade, ice creams in the park or just a picnic, the seagull is lurking nearby waiting to feast on the food that you are enjoying. It’s quite amazing how brave they are too. They will get quite close. They have even been known to swoop down and take the food from poor unsuspecting victims below.

Tips for Dealing with a Seagull Attack

It’s unusual for gulls to attack without warning – usually you will hear an angry warning cry first. If you are under threat do the following:

Gulls are always looking for food so be responsible, get rid of your litter and don’t just leave it. if the nearby bin is full, take it with you.

Dealing with Summer Pests

Of course, there are other summer pests that are less harmful including flying ants which are more of a nuisance than anything else and cockroaches which you don’t want in your house or business. dealing with summer pests and reducing the risk of these unwanted guests include keeping rubbish in bins, not letting it pile up, clearing up any food, spilled drinks and taking your rubbish home with you.

If you think you have a problem with a particular pest, call in the experts. nesting seagulls, pigeons, wasps etc. can all be dealt with by professionals. If you are seeking advice, we are happy to help. Call us on 01752 929292.

dealing with summer pests


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