Devon Bird Control – Bridges, Highways and Tunnels

We have talked a lot about birds like seagulls and pigeons nesting on the roofs or eaves of property but there are many places in which they like to take up residence. As well as seeing nuisance birds around seaside towns and city centres, there are other places where they can become a nuisance. Basically anywhere that is warm, dry and safe from predators offers an invitation to seagulls and pigeons and Devon bird control becomes necessary.

Bridge Bird Control

Whether it’s roosting on top of bridges or nesting underneath, pigeons and seagulls will pick a place that is warm, dry and safe from predators. The Tamar Bridge is one such spot that offers perfect conditions.

The Tamar Bridge is a popular spot for nuisance birds

Devon bird control specialists can help

Now while you may think they aren’t doing any harm, once they take up residence, there is a lot of damage that they can cause. If they start to nest and breed, the numbers will mean that there are lots of birds flying in and out from under the bridge making a nuisance to traffic that is travelling across the bridge. If they are roosting up on the top of the bridge, their mess can cause an obstruction to the cars below. If they are swooping across your windscreen they become even more of a hazard. It isn’t uncommon for a motorist to hit a seagull, travelling at speed. this is dangerous – especially in a precarious position on top of a bridge.

Motorway & highway bridges

It’s not just bridges like the Tamar that you need to worry about. Motorways and main roads have many bridges which cars travel under. These spots are notorious for nesting birds and if they are allowed to grow in numbers they can cause quite a threat to passing traffic. For highway agencies across Devon, nuisance birds can cause quite a problem. This is the same for railway bridges and tunnels as well.

devon bird control

Birds love to nest under the highway bridges

In order to prevent these issues it is important to exercise good bird control. A Devon bird control specialist is equipped with the correct experience, knowledge and licenses to be able to deal with these problems. Using bird scaring tactics, hawks as a deterrent and bird spiking, among other solutions, they can get rid of the problem for you ensuring the safety of motorists and their passengers.

If you have a problem with nuisance birds at your property, whether it be commercial or residential, or if you have properties that are a danger to life, then it is important to call in these specialists sooner rather than later. At Falcon Environmental Services we would be happy to discuss your issue with you. Simply get in touch by filling in the contact form or call us on 01752 929292.


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