How rats get into your Plymouth home

Rats are very clever creatures able to find their way into the smallest gaps. In fact a rat can squeeze its way into a tiny hole like jelly. It’s impressive to watch unless it’s your home!

How rats get into your Plymouth home

The first thing to check is how they could get into your home however this is easier said than done. There are those gaps and holes that you will be able to see and those that you won’t even think of including:

While some rats will find the gaps and squeeze through, others will make gaps with their teeth. Yes rats have the uncanny ability of being able to chew their way in!

Plymouth rats will make a nest

Once in they are able to make their home in many places as long as it is warm and dry. The spaces between walls, beneath floorboards and in the attic. They won’t just stay there either. As nocturnal creatures, they will come out at night and look for food. All of this without you even knowing!

How to prevent them

Sometimes you don’t realise that you have a problem until the rats have already found their way into your Plymouth home. Once they have found their way in you need to call in experts to “plug up the gaps” and secure the property ensuring that they get rid of any that have already made themselves comfortable.

If you don’t already have a problem but want to make sure that your property is not likely to be invaded by rodents we are happy to help. Simply give us a call and we will be happy to help and advise.

how rats get into your Plymouth home


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