How to Get Rid of Rats

Nobody wants to share their home with creepy crawlies of any variety least of all rats. As many of you have been asking ‘how to get rid of Plymouth rats’, let’s take a look at a few tips to keep them at bay. In addition to this we learn how to prevent then getting into your Plymouth property plus what to do if they do find their way in:

Prevention is better than cure

Of course we’d all like to think that our Plymouth homes are rat proof but as the saying goes, you are never more than a few feet away from a rat. Exercising basic hygiene will go a long way in preventing them coming near your property. When you put your food bins out for collection, make sure they are closed properly. If you keep food bins outside for chickens, they are going to attract rats. Keeping chickens and putting out seed for the birds are also another attractive proposition. Don’t leave any kind of pet food outside – if you have dogs or cats, bring their food inside.

Rodent proof your property

Rats can make themselves into all kinds of shapes to squeeze into even the tiniest holes so even those small cracks outside can be an access point for an agile rat. if you have gaps around the pipes that go into your property or cracks in the walls then be sure to fill them. Don’t leave it to chance. If a rat is cold and hungry it will find it’s way in so don’t give it the chance. This also goes for any outbuildings that might offer a warm place to stay.

keep rats out

How to get rid of Plymouth rats

Of course when they have made themselves at home it is not so easy to get rid of them. While many people might try a DIY formula to get rid of them, this is often a good idea. When you have pets and children around, it is wise to not use any store point poisons or other products. In order to get rid of them and ensure they don’t come back, you need a professional pest controller. Not only are they licensed to use more effective methods of rat control, they are trained and experienced in knowing the habits of these creatures and how to prevent them bothering you in the future.

Don’t delay – act fast

If you have a rat problem, it is not something that can wait until you have five minutes spare. Rats can cause all sorts of health and safety problems with the diseases they carry and the damage they can cause to pipes, electrical wires and timbers. Don’t put off dealing with your rat problem. Get it dealt with ASAP.

At Falcon Environmental Services, we are often called upon to help local Plymouth residents with their rodent problems. If you want to learn how to get rid of Plymouth rats then call 01752 929292 and we will be happy to help.




how to get rid of Plymouth rats


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