Locating and dealing with your Plymouth wasp nest

It can be tricky to tell if you have a Plymouth wasp nest in your garden but with a little bit of vigilance you can soon discover if you have and where it is located. Don’t ignore it in the hope that it will go away. This is a problem that needs addressing.

Signs of a Plymouth wasp nest

The first sign that you have a wasp problem are the presence of more than one wasp in your garden. One wasp is pretty normal, even two but when you start to see them regularly then the chance is their nest is nearby. Now at this stage you can call in Plymouth pest professionals or you can do your own investigative research.

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Observe their flight path

Where are the wasps coming from and where are they returning to? Follow their flight path and watch where they go. Now most people run the other way when confronted with a wasp so stay still and just observe. You can watch from a nearby window if you don’t feel brave enough to be outside. you will soon see them disappear into a hole in the wall or the ground or into a tree maybe. This is a good indication of where they are nesting.

Call Plymouth pest control specialists

Now it is time to call in the pest professionals! Don’t try and locate the wasp nest yourself and start prodding around. As the summer goes on, the wasps nest get more crowded and the wasps become more agitated. Unlike bees, wasps are aggressive and can sting multiple times. Now while they don’t set out to intentionally harm humans, they will if they feel agitated. Wasp stings are painful and some people can be allergic to them and not even realise.

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It could be honeybees

Don’t confuse wasps with honeybees. If you spot a nest and it has yellow layers with hexagonal combs and is waxy looking, then you have a bee hive and not a wasp nest. It is illegal to interfere with a honeybee nest unless you are a professional so stay well clear and let the professionals deal with it.


If you are worried about the presence of wasps around your property, or if you have located a Plymouth wasp nest, your next call should be a Plymouth pest control specialist. Call us today on 01752 929292 and we will be happy to come and take a look for you and arrange for the safe removal of your wasp nest.

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