Falcon Providing Bird Control for Plymouth NHS Trust  

We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the contract for this NHS bird control project. We were asked to provide bird control for the NHS building in Plymbridge Road, Estover. Some of you may know the site as the former Underhill Engineering Plant. The University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust took a lease on the 96,000 square foot building back in July 2020 to provide additional space to Derriford Hospital. The space will be used as office accommodation, a training facility and warehousing.

For those of you that are familiar with the building, you will know what an extensive area it covers and how much work is involved to bird proof an expanse of this magnitude. As a magnet for nuisance birds such as seagulls, it is critical that they don’t get the opportunity to nest. A lack of bird control would soon see it is overrun with gulls laying their eggs and settling in, something that the building operations team do not want as this presents a whole set of issues; noise, mess, damage etc.

Effective Bird Control Systems

With a structure of this size, it is important to provide an efficient bird control system that is fool proof to birds looking for somewhere safe to build nests. In this case it was a free standing bird proofing system. The structure covers the entire roof to ensure that birds can’t land therefore preventing them from making themselves at home.

NHS Bird Control Project Involving Other Local Companies

In order to provide an efficient and thorough service on such an extensive project, the team enlisted the help of other local companies to help.

The materials for the Free Standing Bird Proofing System were provided by Pestfix. They designed the system and so visited the site to see how we were getting on installing it. They seemed to be really impressed by the workmanship of the team. This is really important recognition for us as we pride ourselves on a job well done and place a lot of importance on our positioning as a premier South West bird control company.

We also enlisted the help of local scaffolding company, MW Scaffolding. They erected the structure for us to be able to work safely and effectively. Drone footage of the project was provided by Mike Lister. These videos will be available to watch on our Facebook page.

Rewarding Work

We have completed many bird control projects for businesses large and small across Plymouth and the South West and they are all of great importance to us. This particular project did take more planning and organisation so it is especially rewarding for us to see the finished results. We are delighted to have been awarded such a prestigious contract and look forward to many more in the future.

If you would like to discuss your bird control requirements and require something similar to this NHS bird control project, please call the team on 01752 929292.







NHS bird control project


Great prompt service, would highly recommend, Helping keep our staff and clients safe in these unprecedented times.
We have arranged a monthly anti fogging with them.
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