Pest control for nursing and residential homes

While many of our Plymouth customers are residential, we also receive a lot of enquiries from local businesses. Now there are some businesses that have more of a call for our services than others but one area in which we need to be extremely careful and vigilant is pest control for residential and nursing homes.

Rats and mice can find their way in

Now you may wonder why Plymouth pest control for nursing and residential homes is so important but it’s not that hard to answer that. Of course, where you have multiple residents, you have more food, more waste and more chance of a variety of pests. With large kitchens come the possibility of rats, mice and cockroaches for example. In large but old buildings, the basements may be accessible by rodents. The food going in and the waste going out is a welcome environment for rodents, especially rats.

Practise extreme hygiene and prevention methods

Now this is no reflection of the business being unhygienic or dirty, it just means there is a greater draw for rats and mice. It is extremely important where you have vulnerable residents, that you are extra vigilant and ensure that your food storage and disposal methods are as they should be. If rats or mice get into the property its not just nasty shocks you have to worry about. These creatures invariably transmit diseases which you don’t want your residents picking up.

pest control for residential and nursing homes

It is also critical that visitors get the right impression. Making sure that you deal with he food and waste effectively and that all the outside areas are presentable and not filled with rubbish will give a much better impression to potential residents or the family and friends who are visiting residents.

Plymouth bird control for residential and nursing homes

Older and larger buildings are also attractive to birds. Often, they have large roofs with ledges and spaces to build their nests. With Plymouth being a coastal city, there are a large number of seagulls looking for somewhere to nest. There are also a number of pigeons looking for nice warm and dry places to make a home. While the residents are inside it’s not a direct threat although nuisance birds will cause damage to the property. When residents are outside having afternoon tea and a seagull swoops down for their sandwiches though, this becomes a problem.

Prevention is better than cure

Of course, good prevention methods will stop these things from becoming a problem in the first place. If you are susceptible to nuisance birds then there are several bird control techniques like bird netting and spiking which will deter the birds from nesting in the first place. If you already have a problem then scaring or hawking are effective bird control methods.

Preventative pest control for residential and nursing homes

While we are here to help if there is a problem, prevention is better than cure as they say. We will happily come out and assess your property and offer our Plymouth pest control residential and nursing home services to protect your resdients from both disease and shock. If we find a problem we can resolve it or advice you on further steps to take to secure your property. Call us today on 01752 929292 to see how we can help.




pest control for residential and nursing homes


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