Asian Hornets Could be Making an Appearance

We have written a lot about wasps and bee removal but perhaps not as much about hornets and what to do if you find a Plymouth hornet’s nest. Of course, every year we tend to get the scary news stories about the invasion of bigger and scarier bugs that arriving on our shores from sunnier climates. This year it is the return of the Asian Hornet that we should be on the lookout for. So far these Asian Hornets have only been spotted on the Channel Islands with the removal of a number of nests.

Now, while we don’t want to alarm you, what we do want to do is prepare you for what you should do if you suspect you have found one of these hornets or if you discover Plymouth hornets in general. They are easy to mistake with bees and wasps so if in doubt call in an expert.

What is a hornet?

A hornet is similar in appearance to a wasp and is in fact, a species of wasp. Around the world, there are 20 different species of hornets, one of them being the Asian Wasp. there is also a European Hornet. While all hornets are wasps, not all wasps are hornets. A hornet wasp has a slightly thicker midsection than a non-hornet wasp. While wasps are not often social insects, the hornet is.


Discovering a hornets nests

Within a hornet’s nest, you will find thousands of the creatures but it is only the queen that survives the winter. It is in fact, the queens that have been discovered on the Channel Island. Once the queen nests, there could be thousands of these insects living happily in their nest which they tend to build up high. they are actually beneficial as they prey on nuisance insects however the sting is not nice and some people actually are allergic to them which can make them deadly.

What to do if you spot a Plymouth hornets nest

It may be hard to determine whether or not it is a Plymouth hornet’s nest or a wasps nest but, to be honest, you probably don’t want either in or around your home, especially if you have children or pets. We are happy to come out to your property and remove the nest for you so that you don’t have any further issue. If it turns out to be a beehive then we will relocate it to a nearby bee farm.

All you need to do if you suspect a Plymouth hornet’s nest is call Matt on 01752 929292 and we will be happy to help.


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