Local Pest Control Services Enjoy Busy 2018

It’s been a very busy year for Matt and his team at Falcon Environmental Pest Control Services and it’s not just the people that have busy. The dogs and the birds of prey have been also been hard at work helping to rid the city and beyond of nuisance birds, insects and rodents. In fact, we’ve seen an abundance of many different problems over the course of the year which have kept our Plymouth pest control services busy with a number of issues. 

March was the time for Plymouth nuisance birds

Spring saw an increased call for Plymouth bird control as seagulls and pigeons starting roosting in the area. On window ledges, roof tops, listed buildings and anywhere else they could find a space to nest away from predators, these birds caused havoc with their droppings and their constant hunt for food. Using our trusted birds of prey we exercised bird control in the area for a number of clients and also carried out bird netting and spiking in various locations.

A long hot summer with many wasps

The unusually warm summer which started early on with a heatwave, saw an emergence of wasps that didn’t plan on going anywhere in a hurry. It was the extended warm temperatures that made these wasps a problem even into October. Luckily we were on hand to deal with these angry, fruit drunk creatures that were making their presence felt for so many of you.

Then of course there were the false widow spiders

Who can forget the schools closing down as false widow spiders invaded in large numbers. We had many calls and reported sightings of these particular spiders which, while not venomous, people were less than keen to share their Plymouth homes with. Not a problem for Matt and the team who were on hand to identify and advise on the best course of action.

plymouth false widow spider

Winter brings increased demand Plymouth pest control services

Despite the long hut summer and higher than average autumn temperatures the cold did come and with it came the scurry of tiny feet as rodents headed inside to build their nests. Already in the last few weeks we have had a number of calls for rats and mice which have been making their presence felt both inside and out of people’s homes.

As we enter 2019 the cold weather will continue and with it we expect a number of calls to help rid people of nuisance Plymouth rats and mice. Then, as the spring comes, the birds come back, the insects return and the cycle begins again. one thing you can rely on is that they will come but that we will be there to help you get rid of them and keep them at bay.


plymouth pest control services


Great prompt service, would highly recommend, Helping keep our staff and clients safe in these unprecedented times.
We have arranged a monthly anti fogging with them.
James Toulson, One Less Worry Payroll
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