Is it Time to Call the Plymouth Pest Exterminators?

Are you hearing scratching in the night? Do you suspect that there is something living in your garden or are you having a problem with itchy and scratchy pet problems? Whether it’s rats, mice, fleas or any other number of unwanted house guests of the insect or rodent variety then you need the help of specialist Plymouth pest exterminators

None of us relish the thought of starting our homes with anyone other than our families but at this time of year, as the cold weather sets in, unfortunately these pests have to go somewhere. All they want is a warm bed and somewhere to build their nests, the trouble is often they bring lots of problems with them.

Rat and mice exterminators

It is a well known fact that wild rats and mice carry diseases, you only have to look at a rat’s habitat to work out why. while you are at very low risk of being bitten by one, they do spread disease in their urine and their faeces. now we aren’t trying to scare you but some of these diseases include Leptospirosis (Weils disease). As rats are nocturnal creatures, and it is unlikely that you know where they are going at night, the likelihood is that they are running around your house looking for food, running across your kitchen worktops in the process where you are going to prepare food.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

None of us like to think that we may have fleas in our house but unfortunately, those with dogs and cats, at some stage may be prone to the problem. Many people treat their pets but some people prefer not to use the chemical treatments available and at some stage, your pet picking up fleas is a likely possibility. Once you have fleas in the house they do an incredible job of multiplying and they can be quite hard to treat once they establish themselves. It is a pain for both your poor dog or cat and for you as they start to look for any source of food.

Call on the services of professional Plymouth pest exterminators

At this stage you may just have a suspicion that you have a pest problem. Perhaps there are signs of rats or mice in your garden or maybe you can hear noises overhead or behind the walls. You may have noticed that you are scratching or, similarly, that your pets are. Establishing the problem is the first step and then treating it is the next. The final stage is to prevent the problem re-occurring. if you think you may have an issue then give us a call for advice. Call us on 01752 929292


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Great prompt service, would highly recommend, Helping keep our staff and clients safe in these unprecedented times.
We have arranged a monthly anti fogging with them.
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