Prevention is Better Than Cure When it Comes to Plymouth Pests

The trouble with pests, whether that be rats, mice, seagulls or pigeons, is that once they make themselves at home they tend to cause damage or make a nuisance of themselves. That is why, when it comes to Plymouth pest prevention, it pays to think ahead. It is understandable that for many of us, we don’t think about these problems until they become an issue. There is so much else to think about day to day and how many of us can foresee a rat making its home in our lofts or pigeons nesting on our roofs?

Plymouth pest prevention is the best option

Professional Plymouth pest controllers are trained to be able to spot potential problems and to offer advice on ways to exercise good Plymouth pest prevention. Some properties and commercial premises will be more prone to rats for example. They are always looking for food so it is safe to say that if you run a local restaurant or an establishment where food is served, you have a higher chance of being visited by rodents. If you work with animals and keep feed on your premises or have chickens for example, you are also more likely to be an attractive home to rats.

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Prevent Plymouth seagulls and pigeons

Plymouth bird control

When it comes to bird control, these nuisance birds like to make their nests and roost in spots where they are unlikely to be bothered by predators. This often means the ledges of buildings or roof spaces on flat roofs or other hospitable environments. There are many pest prevention methods that can deter birds from nesting in the first place. They are a lot harder to get rid of when they have started to make their nests. Bird spiking and bird netting will prevent seagulls and pigeons from settling and offer you some protection against the damage they cause and of course, the noise. Be sure to use a licensed professional though. For more information on our bird control methods call us on 01752 929292.

If you would like some advice on how to protect your home or business against unwanted pests, give us a call and we will be only to happy to help.




Plymouth pest prevention


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