Prevention is Better Than Cure

How many times have we heard the term “prevention is better than cure” before? It is especially appropriate when it comes to rodent proofing your property. It’s that time of year when those furry nuisances (and we are referring to rats and mice) don’t want to be spending their winter in your garden – they want to be inside within the wall cavities, under the floor boards, in the roof space or anywhere that it’s warm, dry and perfect for building nests. Sorry, for those that are squeamish but this is the reality we face and why it is so important to consider your Plymouth rodent proofing options.

What Rodents Are Your Protecting Against?

While rats are the number one issue for many (and they say you are never more than a few feet from a rat), you also don’t want mice, shrews etc getting in to your house. Any rodent that finds itself in your home will be seeking out shelter and food and causing damage in their wake.


There are a few varieties of mouse the most common of which is the Field Mouse. It’s unlikely that a Field Mouse will venture into an inhabited property however, they will visit your outbuildings looking for food. If you keep animal feed, bird seed or anything of this nature in a shed or garage, you need to make sure that they are properly sealed and protected against mice.

It’s the House Mouse that is most likely to become your roommate. They aren’t just active in winter either – they are to be found all year round. The Yellow Necked Field Mouse is more likely to be found in rural areas. They are a devil for chewing through wires in homes. If you have a farm or a house in a less suburban area, you may well find these little creatures sharing your home.



The rat loves shelter and a place to hide. Getting rid of their hiding places is one way to discourage them but you also need to ensure you remove the food source. Keep bins closed, don’t leave spillages and ensure your drains and pipes are clean too. Of course, once they are in, it is often too late and you are going to have more of an issue getting rid of them – especially if they nest and have their young. This is why prevention is better than cure and why adequate Plymouth rodent proofing is so necessary.

How to Prevent Mice and Rats Getting in

The best course of action when it dealing with rodents is Plymouth rodent proofing. Proof your home before these pests make their way in. It’s far easier to stop them getting in than it is to get them out. Now is a prime time to be rodent proofing your home but what should you be looking for and how can you proof your home against these nuisance pests?

If you know anything about rodents, you will know that they can find their way into the smallest of spaces – gaps that you would assume are too small are no problem for these extremely flexible creatures. It can be hard for the untrained eye to identify these gaps and possible entry points which is a why a professional pest controller can help.


Plymouth Rodent Proofing Survey

A survey of your home will tell you if you have any entry point where mice and rats can access your home. In addition to advising of the holes that need filling, you will also receive advice on whether you have the correct air vents in place to stop rodents gaining access to your home.

An Action Plan

At Falcon Environmental Services, our team of pest control experts are offering a rodent survey with a follow up action plan to suggest the areas that need fixing, where you may have issues and how you can prevent rats and mice entering your property. This specialist expert service is £50+ vat with the cost redeemable against any follow up treatments.

How it Works

We will come to your home, carry out a thorough inspection and then produce an action plan for you on the best course of prevention. We can give you a quote to carry out any necessary works to include ultra-sonic repellents. We will then arrange to carry out the work as soon as possible. We will then deduct the cost of the survey from the bill.

Our Experience

We have a wealth of experience in professional Plymouth pest control and work with both domestic and commercial customers providing solutions for both homes and businesses. As experts in all types of pest control and management, our team maintain an absolute commitment to providing the best customer service. Call us today to arrange your Plymouth rodent proofing inspection on 01752 929292.



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