Get rid of those nuisance Plymouth seagulls and pigeons

Nuisance birds are a problem for many businesses. Cities like Plymouth and Exeter suffer from invasions of pigeons and seagulls as do the coastal areas. Plymouth seagulls and pigeons are a nuisance to those trying to enjoy their chips on the seafront or walking through the town centre eating a sausage roll. in addition to the risk of being attacked by a hungry gull there is also the mess and damage that they cause.

Many businesses don’t realise that there is a solution to the problem of unwanted Plymouth seagulls and pigeons. This solution is bird control and is carried out by licensed professionals who know just what you need to eliminate your nuisance bird problem.

Hawks to deter Plymouth seagulls and pigeons

Bird Control is carried out using various methods including netting and spiking but one method that is growing in popularity is the use of a hawk. Harris Hawks are great for flying over the area to unsettle the nesting gulls and pigeons and encourage them to move on to a new home. The idea is that once a hawk or bird of prey is spotted in the area the nuisance birds become wary, unsettled and move on to a new home. An experienced handler will frequent your premises with the hawk until the birds have moved on.

Devon netting and spiking

Whilst gulls and pigeons are considered to be nuisances it is important to understand that all wild birds are protected by law and that any deterrents or activity to control birds are carried out by those who hold the relevant licenses to do so. Netting and spiking should only be undertaken by professionals and you should check that they have the right licenses. The practise of netting and spiking makes the environment hostile to birds. When they try to nest the roofs and ledges will no longer be a welcome place.

Deterring birds from nesting on your Plymouth property

Once you have a nuisance bird problem at your Devon business it will require the help of professionals to resolve. There are steps you can take to make your property less of an attraction. First of all don’t leave rubbish that contains food waste outside or around your property. If you are a food establishment make sure that you keep a tight control over food left around the property.

Take action now

Don’t delay – if you have a bird problem then call in the experts immediately. The problem will only intensify if left as birds build nests, lay their eggs and tend to their young. Call Matt at Falcon Environmental Services to discuss your requirements.

plymouth seagulls and pigeons


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