Plymouth wasps are angry and drunk!

Yes unfortunately (and especially for those that don’t like wasps) it’s true. Due to the prolonged heat that we have been experiencing proceeded by a very cold winter, this years wasps are on the rampage venting their anger at unlucky victims who are getting stung in record numbers. 

The wasps are becoming drunk and angry

Pub gardens are part of the problem as a sip from a pint glass causes them to become drunk and angry. As we approach the late summer, the nests get overcrowded and the food dries up and wasps are forced to go searching for other food sources. This usually involves sipping on your coca-cola or your alcoholic beverage. 

Fermented fruit is a big draw for them

It’s not uncommon for wasps, in the latter period of their short lives, to go in search of fermented fruit as the sugar is the only thing they can eat due to the band across their abdomen tightening as they grow leaving them unable to eat their usual diet of flies. They then become hooked on sugar. We were recently called out to deal with a Plymouth wasp problem which wasn’t actually a nest but a large numbers of wasps feeding off a fruit tree. 

Plymouth wasps appeared earlier this year

Due to the cold winter, Plymouth wasps actually started appearing earlier this year. This extended period has led to the nests becoming larger than usual and with the queen no longer producing larvae, the wasps have become idol. These hungry insects them go in search of food favouring stick and sweet treats. It’s not only pints of lager but also rotting fruit which, given fermentation produces alcohol, means the wasps get intoxicated and drunk. Drunk wasps are angry wasps that are more likely to sting. 

Be careful and mindful of wasps

In order to minimise your chances of getting stung, be mindful of these feisty wasps and stay calm. Don’t leave empty glasses lying around, pick up any dropped fruit in your garden, bag your waste and generally be mindful to exercise caution when there is a wasp on the rampage. 

For further help and advice about Plymouth wasps, or indeed any other insect or pest, call Falcon and we will be happy to help with your Plymouth pest control issues. 


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