Step away from that wasps nest!


The first sign that you might have a Plymouth wasps nest could be the sight of one or more wasps making their way to and from one specific area. You may just see one rogue wasp that has travelled but often if you see a few then there is a nest somewhere near by. it may be on a neighbouring Plymouth property but there is a chance it could be much closer to home.

Plymouth wasps nests can be found in a number of locations

Depending on the species, the nest could be in one of a few places. Some wasps build their nests in tree hollows while others make them in the eaves of garages or outbuildings. They are sometimes in the outside walls hidden in spaces in bricks. Most wasps nests can grow to quite a size over the summer months reaching their full size around about August time. This particular nest was in a bush in a Plymouth garden.

Even the professionals can get stung

Our intrepid Matt went in to take a look at this particular wasps nest. Now Matt is a professional who is fully equipped to deal with insects and, as you can see in the video below, as he got closer to the nest, the angry wasps felt threatened and wanted to sting him. That is why you should never interfere with a nest – just step away and call the experts.



Current temperatures mean Plymouth wasps are thriving

As the current heatwave continues, these Plymouth wasps nests are thriving and growing larger. The wasps inside become increasingly agitated and as the summer progresses they get hungrier and more agitated. Some wasps will actively try and sting you if you get too close while others are a bit more laid back and less aggressive. even so don’t take any chances and call in the professionals as soon as you discover a nest. If you have dogs, cats, children or vulnerable animals or people living at your property then you don’t want to take any chances. Some people are allergic to wasp stings and can develop anaphylactic shock which, if not treated correctly, can prove fatal.


Plymouth wasp nest


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