Venomous Spiders Heading Indoors

A warm, wet summer and an increased number in flies are to blame for an increase in the number of spiders that we are seeing this autumn. Unfortunately for some, these spiders are venomous and across the country, there are reports of spiders causing nasty boil-like blisters. Now we don’t want to cause panic, but if you have a problem with Plymouth spiders and you don’t know what to do, we are on hand to help.

Plymouth spiders head indoors

You all know that at this time of year, as the temperatures drop, these arachnids head indoors looking for warmth and shelter. Many of you will have been minding your own business when you catch sight of one out of the corner of your eye. A lot of the time they are the harmless house spider variety that while they don’t look great, won’t cause you any harm.

But what of those Plymouth spiders that do bite and that can cause health issues? We take a look at just some of the venomous spiders that have been sighted across different parts of the UK:

The Cross Spider can cause swelling and nausea

It’s not just false widow spiders either, while these have increased in numbers in recent years and have become a more familiar sight, there are a few others that you need to watch out for. The cross spider is one such spider that can cause a nasty bite. These spiders can cause pain and swelling and can lead to nausea which lasts a couple of days.

Cupboard spiders found across the South of UK

The cupboard spider gets its name because it is commonly found in cupboards and can deliver a nasty bite that can cause blisters and lead to a fever. This particular species is believed to be heading north as it spreads further across the UK.

Cardinal spider

The Cardinal spider is not particularly venomous but their size can be intimidating. They like to live in the walls of older buildings and got their name from the famous Cardinal Wolsey who was said to be scared of their presence in Hampton Court Palace.

Other Spiders to look out for

The cellar spider can leave a nasty pain once it delivers its bite which is said to last for hours while the walnut orb-weaver spider only comes out at night and like to lurk in the shadows. They deliver an electric shot-like bite. The giant house spider also has a nasty bite but will tend to run unless under threat. Good luck catching one.

The false widow spider

The noble false widow is perhaps the most dangerous though and has a strong venom and are growing in numbers. Schools have been closed down and in some cases, they have caused limbs to be amputated. They have been seen right across the UK and right here in Plymouth.

Plymouth spiders

The false widow spider – Credit: Alamy

Now we aren’t trying to scare you or make you scared to sit down in your own home but we do want to make you aware of what you should do if you see a spider you arent sure about. Don’t try and poke it, provoke it, capture it or disturb it. If you see more than one and are concerned then call us. We are happy to come and take a look and reassure you or remove the spiders for you. if there is a potential nest we can uncover it and get rid of it for you. Call us on 01752 929292.

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