The Problem with DIY Pest Control

There’s a mouse beneath the floor boards or living in that gap behind the sink and you are convinced you can get rid of it yourself. You expectantly leave traps out at night, only to discover that the clever creature has evaded your trap and is still taking advantage as an unwelcome house guest. So, you go back to the beginning and try the next “off the shelf” DIY pest control remedy that you bought from the hardware store. Before you know it, you have spent a fortune. We take a look at the problem with DIY pest control and why you should save your money and call in the experts.

Underestimating the Infestation

This applies to many types of pest. Let’s take fleas as an example. The dog may have fleas, they may have been on your bed, on your couch and in every room of the house. You treat the dog and then believe that the problem will go away however, if you then remove the dog from all of the rooms it previously visited, the fleas won’t jump back on to the host (that has been treated) and die. Instead they are left to carry on breeding and multiplying. Before you know it, you have a much bigger problem.

It’s not the pests that you can see that you need to consider either. The chances are there are more that you can’t see. Laying down DIY pest control traps and pesticides for rodents won’t necessarily work. These creatures have a great sense of taste and smell that they use to navigate and find their way around. This means they can often tell when they should avoid something. It is also important to consider that poisons that are sold on the shelf are nowhere near as effective as those that are licensed for professionals to use.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Rats, mice and the different variations of these rodents can mean that a different approach is required to suit the specific breed. A professional will have extensive knowledge of the different types of rat for example and the method of pest control to suit that specific type. Assuming that it’s a mouse when it’s a rat, for example, may lead you to take the wrong approach.

Don’t Just Treat the Symptoms

A great example here is ants. You can see them working their way into your house so you spray them expecting this to work. The next day you find a new army of them. A professional pest controller will find the source of the ants and treat the nest at source. A much more effective and long term solution to your ant problem. It goes beyond ants to the nests of all pests – finding where they come from is key.

Human Error

Unless you are a professional pest controller, it’s likely that you don’t have an extensive knowledge of the specific pest that you are trying to get rid of. You can try lots of different products that promise the earth but much of the time it will be the wrong product for the pest in question or you might make a mistake in where you put it or how you operate it. Let’s say you do happen to get lucky and catch that rat. How did it get there in the first place? A lack of knowledge and experience can lead to a much bigger problem in the long run.


Pets, children and your own personal safety should be a huge consideration and act as a deterrent to using DIY pest control especially rat poisons. Putting them down where pets can access them could lead to disaster. Handling poisons without experience can also be a huge risk for those that don’t understand what they are dealing with.

Taking on wasps nests on your own can lead to stings and worse if you happen to be allergic to wasp stings. You should never try and tackle a wasp nest on your own, even if you believe it to be empty.

The Mounting Cost of Failed DIY Pest Control Remedies

Investing in one DIY pest control remedy after another can be a costly business. Before you know it, you have spent lots of money only to then have to spend more on a professional to resolve the issue. Much better to call the professionals in the first place and save yourself time, hassle, stress and potential injury.

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