Professional Commercial Rodent Control 

We’ve heard stories in the press recently about rats chewing through petrol station data cables bringing the price of fuel down and 1800 Plymouth residents being left without internet after rats chewed through the cables. The only winners in this scenario were the people who managed to get their fuel cheaper. For the businesses, it is a major inconvenience and one that can cost a lot of money. We thought it a good time to remind businesses about the importance of effective professional commercial rodent control so that you can avoid similar issues.

Urban & Rural Professional Commercial Rodent Control

Rats and other pests can be a real problem for commercial organisations both in the city and more rural areas. For restaurants and other food related businesses, they can be an all too real concern, at least around the external areas where the rubbish is kept. Food waste can be a major attraction for rodents so it’s important that it is stored effectively and not accessible to rodents that may be looking for food. It’s not just food outlets but any business. Whether it’s chewing through data cables or leaving their excrement in public areas, the issues caused by rats and mice can be all too real for businesses. 

For more rural and agricultural businesses such as farms, keeping animal feed in barns can be a major attraction for rats. There are often many outbuildings such as a warehouses, barns and garages. Where there is a food source, or somewhere to sleep in winter, you can be confident that you are never too far away from a rat. Of course, rats and mice can spread disease and you do not want any rodents in or around food stores or animal feed supplies passing on these diseases to livestock.

Preventing the Issues Caused by Rodents  

It’s not just about removing the rodents that may have found their way in to your building or outbuildings such as barns or garages, it’s also about prevention. As professional commercial rodent control experts, we can inspect your premises whether that be one building or several and look for possible points of entry. We can block off these entry points using professional methods to ensure that rats and mice have no access. We can also advise on other preventative steps such as food storage etc. 

We will deal with your existing rodent problems to ensure that you don’t face further issues. Two rats can quickly become a whole brood. You don’t want to let them comfortable on your premises breeding and causing you even more issues. The methods offered by professional pest control companies are a lot more effective than DIY pest control methods too, saving you time and money in the process.

Act Now to Save Problems Later

Whether your rodent problem is in a disused barn or an area of your land that is deserted, it’s still important to treat any potential rodent problems. Effective commercial rodent control should be carried out to prevent them entering your building through drains, pipes, open air vents, gaps in doors etc. They can enter a building on any level too so it’s not just the ground levels you need to be concerned about.

Treating all areas of entry to ensure that your building is sealed tight means that these rodents won’t have anywhere to enter. You should also keep bins in a secure area, away from your building and never leave black bags with food waste in outside. You’re also going to want to ensure that any data cables are well covered and inaccessible to these furry creatures.

Of course, all of these factors are every day work for professional commercial rodent control experts who know exactly what to do to prevent your business becoming under siege from a rodent infestation. Give us a call on 01752 929292 for professional help and advice.



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