Professional Plymouth Pest Control Services

At Falcon Environmental Services, in addition to our bird control services we also offer an extensive range of Plymouth pest control services. In fact, we don’t just cover Plymouth but the surrounding areas of Devon as well. Our Plymouth pest control services treat a variety of pests including the more common rats, mice and wasps in addition to ants and ants’ nests, cockroaches and even foxes, which we can stop getting into your property.

Locating the pest problem

If you have pests at your Plymouth property or you think you may have a pest problem then you should call us so that we can assess the situation and help to remove the problem. We are trained experts in locating the source of the problem, discovering how the pests are getting into your property and finding out where they are setting up home. It may be that you have mice in between the walls, you might have rats living in the loft space, or it may be that cockroaches have found themselves a home in a damp, dark spot. Whatever it is we will find it and treat it.

Professional Plymouth pest control

Once we have located the pests, we will remove them and their nests and prevent them re-entering the property. Our methods are environmentally friendly, and we hold the necessary licensing and certification to enable us to provide Plymouth pest control services. We will work sensitively and carefully at your property to ensure as little disturbance as possible.

But why do you need to get rid of the pests? Well in addition to the fact that you don’t want to be sharing your home with unwanted guests there are a number of health reasons for getting rid of them:

The hazards of rodents

Some people are terrified of rats and mice while others are unperturbed. While it is all well and good that the thought doesn’t keep you awake at night, there are problems you should be aware of. Rats and mice carry diseases. These diseases can be dangerous to both humans and animals. While they are usually hidden out of sight in loft spaces or under floor boards, it is impossible to know where they go when you are asleep.

It is a real possibility that they could be running along your kitchen surfaces and getting into your cupboards. Unknowingly you come down and make breakfast in the morning on a surface that they may have urinated on. Another danger is standing water. If a rat is carrying Weil’s disease and fancies a dip in the dog bowl, then this could be hazardous to your pet’s health. While many dogs are vaccinated, not all of them are.

mice devon and cornwall

Why remove wasp nests?

Have you ever been stung by a wasp? If so you will know how painful it can be. If not then you have no idea if you might be allergic to a wasp sting. Some people are so allergic that it can cause an anaphylactic shock that requires a shot of adrenalin. If you have a wasp nest in or around your Plymouth property, then it is important to get rid of it ASAP. A wasp nest will start off small, so small you may not even see it, but as the number of wasps grows, the size of the nest increases and before you know there are hundreds.

Wasps can build their nests in bricks, under the eaves of properties, in the spaces of the garage or trees. It is not enough to simply stay away from the nest. The nest must be treated and removed. Professional Plymouth pest control services will spray the nest to calm down the wasps before they remove it. Don’t try and remove it yourself; this is a job for the experienced pest expert.

Plymouth pest control services


Unpleasant and unhygienic, the cockroach needs removing. The trouble with cockroaches is that they live in the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. They then transfer this bacteria to other areas. The bacteria that they transfer can lead to salmonella and other such illnesses. Now while we don’t see them in abundance in the UK as abroad, they are still very much present. They get into all the dark, damp places that we can’t see. You can usually smell cockroaches or see the trail that they leave. The most likely habitats for them are behind washing machines, dishwashers and at the back of cupboards under the sink. If you suspect you have cockroaches call an expert to assess the situation and treat the problem. A few cockroaches can soon become hundreds!

Call Plymouth pest control services straight away

The important thing to remember is you must get your Plymouth pest control problem dealt with as soon as possible. Rats, mice, wasps, cockroaches and other pests all breed. Before you know it you will have a more than the odd mouse or rat on your hands. With the possibility of them spreading diseases in your home and damaging the property you need to make sure that the problem is treated sooner rather than later.

If you think you may have a Plymouth pest problem and want to be sure, then we are happy to help. We will come to your property and assess the situation in the first instance. Then we will carry out the necessary treatment to get rid of your unwanted visitors. To find out more about our Plymouth pest control services, please call 01752 929292. Don’t let the problem go untreated.


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