Protect Your Employees With Office Protective Screens

With businesses starting to go back to work and offices looking to re-open with social distancing in place, it is critical that all employees do what they can to offer protection to their staff and clients. There will be some staff that are a little nervous about sharing their office space with colleagues, however well they get along or however much they are looking forward to getting back to some normality. That’s why our office protective screens are the perfect solution to offer complete peace of mind and safety to your employees.

Office Protective Screens and Dividers

Our office screen dividers offer protective screens which are lightweight and easy to install. Better than that… they require no permanent fixings so should you need to move things around, no problem. You can place them between two facing desks, in between desks and even build a booth around a desk for that added security and protection. Now your employees can sit side by side or facing one another without being concerned every time someone clears their throat or coughs.

Additional Protective Equipment

In addition to these fabulous screen providers, we can also offer other protective equipment which will ensure the safety and comfort of your staff. These include magnetic desk shields and service shields. Another service that we offer is our anti-viral fogging service which provides a deep clean to your offices

office deep cleaning

Happy Staff are Productive Staff

While we appreciate that safety is your number one concern, it’s no surprise that happy staff are productive staff so, after potentially a long period of reduced productivity, you will provide and environment in which staff are happy to get back to their previous duties – happy staff = happy employers.

Get in Touch with Our Team

If you run an office or know someone that does and you would like to discuss this service with our team please do get in touch on 01752 929292 and will be only too happy to help.



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Great prompt service, would highly recommend, Helping keep our staff and clients safe in these unprecedented times.
We have arranged a monthly anti fogging with them.
James Toulson, One Less Worry Payroll
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