The importance of protecting Plymouth bees

Bees are a species of insect that we often take for granted, much like butterflies, however it is very important not to underestimate how vital these creatures are to the worlds economy and food supply and why we rely on them so much.

With over 20,000 species of bee around the world and 270 in the UK, they do much more than make honey. In fact, there is only one honeybee, the remaining species offer a diverse and special set of skills that keep us in food. With the human race so heavily reliant on this creatures it is important that we all do our bit when it comes to protecting Plymouth bees.

Crops rely on bees

Of the top 100 crops grown, 7o of them rely on pollination from the world’s bees. this includes apples, bears, vanilla, squashes and coffee! They are an important aid to farmers as they rely on bees for the pollination of their crops.

Sadly many of the worlds bees are in decline due to a number of factors which include:

Unlike some other creatures that are considered pests, the bee is critical to food production and should be protected.

Protecting Plymouth bees?

Plant bee friendly flowers in your garden.

Some examples of these bee friendly plants are flowering types which include lilacs, lavender, verbena, wisteria, sunflowers, tomatoes, rosemary, poppies, squash, passion flower, honeysuckle and fuchsia. Of course, you will need to adapt to the relevant seasons to have a constant supply for the bees.

protecting Plymouth bees

Plant bee friendly flowers in the garden

Leave the weeds!

While you may not like the clover and dandelions growing in your lawn they are actually a good thing for bees.

Don’t use pesticides or other chemicals

They can cause damage to the bees

Put a small bowl of fresh water outside

They are thirsty creatures and will appreciate a dip in a nice bowl of water.

Call the experts

If you see a bees nest or hive don’t panic about getting stung by bees and try to remove the nest. Call in the experts who are professionally trained and will re-home the bees to an apiary where they can carry on with their outstanding work.

If you would like assistance with bees that have taken up residence in your Plymouth garden then give us a call on 01752 929292 and we will re-home them for you.


Great prompt service, would highly recommend, Helping keep our staff and clients safe in these unprecedented times.
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