Rising Above the Rest with Restaurant Bird Proofing

McDonalds Saltash was the location of our latest restaurant bird proofing project. We were asked by McDonalds to carry out effective restaurant bird proofing measures to their Saltash branch to stop the birds nesting on the roof and causing a disturbance on the local trading estate.

Fast Food = Seagulls and Pests

Imagine the scene – lots of bins full of half eaten food, thrown away gherkins, left over fries… an absolute haven for seagulls. In fact, for fast food outlets across Plymouth and surrounds, nuisance birds are a given.  It is absolutely critical to put in place bird deterrent measures to stop them nesting and reduce their presence in the area.

McDonalds Saltash

Plymouth Restaurant Bird Netting

With McDonalds Saltash bird proofing, the solution that we used was bird netting. It was the most suitable for the design of the building to prevent the birds from landing and nesting on the roof. Bird netting stops them penetrating the net and landing on the roof below where they will soon make themselves at home and build their nests. We do also offer solutions including bird spiking, bird hawking and bird scaring and will assess the situation to offer the best solution for your business.

restaurant bird netting

Restaurant Bird Proofing and Pest Control

As well as restaurant bird proofing for local fast food outlets like McDonalds, you need to think of those pests that live on the ground. In addition to pigeons and seagulls, the bins are a welcome treat for rats as well. Where there are gulls, there are likely to be rats. In fact, where there is food in bins, you are at threat of many different types of pests. Perhaps its time to have an assessment and see what pest control measures you can put in place?

If you are worried about pests and think that you would benefit from our restaurant bird proofing or pest control services, get in touch with us on 01752 929292.


restaurant bird proofing


Great prompt service, would highly recommend, Helping keep our staff and clients safe in these unprecedented times.
We have arranged a monthly anti fogging with them.
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