Getting Prepared for Next Year’s Seagull Nesting Season

As the chicks will soon be fledging the nest, now is the time to consider getting your property prepared to defend it against potential South West seagulls nesting and other nuisance birds.

Seagull chicks look for new homes

For many of us, unless we see the problem, we often don’t even consider it. You may have seen birds nearby or heard them overhead as they look for food and generally make a nuisance for themselves. They may be roosting and nesting on properties near you. As long as they aren’t on your property, you don’t really give it much thought. Here is the thing though… as the chicks prepare to leave the nest, they will be looking to set up home to roost and nest for next year’s chicks to be born. Before you know it, you will be the unsuspecting victim of South West nesting seagulls.

If you have had seagulls that have moved on

For those of you that have experienced seagulls nesting on your property that have had chicks this year, the chances are, unless you deal with it, you are likely to experience the same again next year. It is therefore strongly advised that you take preventative measures to stop them re-visiting your property and carrying on the cycle next year.

Preventing South West seagulls nesting

If you live in the South West and either run a commercial premises or are concerned about your own home falling victim to South West seagulls nesting, there are preventative measures that you can take. It starts with a survey and inspection. The team will come to your premises and point out the potentially hazardous areas where birds are likely to find a nice space to make a nest. Measures can then be taken to prevent birds choosing your home or business to set up their nest.

Fledging seagulls

Don’t leave it too long

You may think that the time to worry is a long time off so you can just think about it until later. The chances are that other things will distract you and you won’t get around to it though. The next time you consider it will be when the seagulls or pigeons are making a nuisance of themselves on your roofs or ledges leaving their mark on your cars, windows and pavements below.

Get in touch for your survey

It is important that you act now before you fall victim to nuisance birds who won’t have a preference as to where they build a nest. Get in touch with us on 01752 929292 and we will be happy to help you with a survey of your property and provide the necessary preventative measures.



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